Anna Chisari

Anna Chisari was born in Sicily in 1962. She has lived in Milan for over 30 years, is a journalist and blogger and has been writing since she was 5 years old. Communication is her trade and she has written for newsletters, invented  children’s periodicals, run newspapers and worked in radio for many years. Her father wanted her to be a lawyer and her mother for her to be “settled comfortably”. She disappointed everone and found a job at Milan city hall, where she now tries to communicate culture through social media. Il vento dell’Etna is the story of her crazy family and of encounters that alter destinations and destinies.

Il vento dell’Etna

(The Wind from Etna)

Garzanti, June 2022

A new family saga set in a Sicily tarred with lava, where Mount Etna is not just a backdrop but a living soul with fire and energy. This is a story that spans two centuries, from the dream of a humble cobbler to a shoemaking dynasty of which the author is a member.

Mount Etna is both protective and frightening in its immensity, like a demanding mother who forges lives and destinies. Those who live in Belpasso, a small village on its slopes, know that only too well. It is where Puddo, a young cobbler, sets up shop. The signature on the shoes he makes is a butterfly, because with his footwear you can practically fly and not simply walk. That’s why Puddu can’t understand why business is so bad. Everything changes when his shoes reach the Baroness of Bridport, who’s visiting in the proximity of Bronte. The noblewoman has never worn anything so soft and elegant, so she decides to give Puddu a present and makes him baronet. This marks the beginning of the Baroneddu dynasty. As time goes by, the shop becomes a large shoe factory that exports all over Europe. But although money is no longer a problem, the heart becomes one, because Piddu’s descendants look on his dream – from which everything originated – with respect but also hositility. Your roots tell you where you come from, but sometimes they also want to dictate where you go, and not all the Baroneddus are ready to accept that.

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