Micaela Miljian Savoldelli

Micaela Miljian Savoldelli is an author and entrepreneur. Italian by birth, Parisian by adoption and citizen of the world by choice, she and her life partner decided, in 2017, to quit everything and buy a one-way ticket to travel across the world with their three children. She writes under the successful social media handle @likemiljian. She now lives in Bali. Inspired by her true story, this is her first novel.

Se due che come noi

(The likes of us two)

Antonio Vallardi Editore, June 2021


An uplifting and inspirational novel about travel, love and courage.

Se due che come noi is an autobiographical novel, a tale of love and rebirth to the ends of the earth.

 An ode to the courage of changing one’s life even when it seems impossible.

The novel, inspired by the author’s life, is the love story between Selvaggia and Jules, from the evening when they first meet in Florence to their relocation to Paris where they face the ghosts of their past, the difficulties of adult life, their formation as human beings and in particular as parents. When they think they’ve succeeded, however, a traumatic experience propels them back into the past and they are once again in Florence, a city they want to escape from. That’s when they decide to follow their instinct and embark on a journey with a one-way ticket and start to lead a reckless life while travelling around the world, first with two children, then three.

From Seoul to Las Vegas, from California to India, from the frangrance-filled East to the bright colours of Guatemala, the two young people learn to build a future, to support themselves financially and to watch their family grow. Moreover, they tackle not only the challenges of everyday life but also the diversity of a thousand places and a thousand nations without ever losing their passion for discovery or their inquisitiveness. A novel full of laughter, tears, colours, kilometres and dust – in other words it is an ode to life, courage, freedom and the power of love.

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