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A cantare fu il cane

(The Dog Was the Snitch)

Garzanti, February 2017, pp.432

2 editions in 2 weeks

Small town mysteries and intrigues, troubled carabinieri and gossip spreading out of control like the waves on the lake, inebriated and hungry for any new information.

In 1937 a quiet summer in Bellano is disturbed by a woman screaming: Emerita Diachini married Panicarli thinks there could be a burglar, of whom she has only seen the shadow, in the street she lives in. The night patrol does in fact stop a well-known crook nearby, who had been arrested then released in the past for a few misdemeanors. Who else could the thief be if not him? The Officer is not convinced however, especially since there is no evidence against him. An investigation is open, starting from the house of Mrs Emerita. The Officer first meets her dog, an aggressive, yappy mongrel, constantly growling and attacking the calves of those who come near the house. It seems however that the dog did not bark on the one night it would have been normal for him to do so. And this odd exception is what sets the story in motion.

Garzanti, February 2017, pp.432

  • “This is the most prolific Italian writers together with Andrea Camilleri. From one lucky dip to the next, here comes his new comedy.”

    ttl, La Stampa

  • “Andrea Vitali never misses a beat and each new book of his ends up among the top reads.”

    La Repubblica

  • “What score would I give a writer like Vitali? Ten out of ten for his complete works.”

    Antonio D’Orrico, Corriere della Sera

  • “In this joyful shambles of characters, farcical situations, and misunderstandings; seaplanes sink, telephone operators fall in love and the reader has a whale of a time.”

    Le Figaro

  • “As light as whipped cream on top of a sundae. You couldn’t ask for a better introduction to holiday reading.”

    La Croix

  • “Finding such an extraordinary storyteller is a real joy to all of us!”

    Andrea Camilleri

  • “Vitali’s books are best read in one go and full of details. The one that stick in your memory will keep you laughing.”

    Giovanni Pacchiano, Il Sole 24 Ore

  • “Hats off!! Andrea Vitali is more than a great writer. He is a VERY great writer.”

    Antonio D'Orrico, Sette

  • “A novelist who weaves with threads made of diverse, colourful lives.”

    La Repubblica

  • “He is extraordinarily clever. He is a great writer, in the next twenty years he will be acclaimed everywhere.”

    Antonio D'Orrico, Corriere della Sera

Andrea Vitali

Andrea Vitali was born in 1956 on the eastern shore of Lake Como, where he still lives and works as a medical doctor. He started writing novels in 1989 and since then has kept up his prolific career by accumulating a series of literary prizes. A success that’s lasted 15 years, made up exclusively of bestsellers, first places in the charts, prizes, and ecstatic reviews from the press and critics. More than 3,500,000 readers in Italy alone.

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