Upmarket fiction

Le tre figlie

(The Three Daughters)

Garzanti, June 2022, pp.288

Three sisters are reunited for the weekend in the villa where they grew up. They have a single objective: to prevent their mother from divulging family secrets in her celebrity autobiography – secrets, which, if disclosed, could cast a new shadow over their lives.

The sumptuous gates of Villa Fiorita open once again to welcome Fresia, Viola and Iris. Three sisters, three young women who, for various reasons, have chosen to leave behind them the house in which they grew up and all it meant to them. But they must return here now, because their mother wants to write an autobiography that would include the entire family history, and not just the details of her career as an Academy Award-winning actress who, at the peak of her fame, decided to withdraw into a private life.  Secrets would also end up in this book, which the three sisters don’t want revealed, because they have moved on with their lives, at last no one knows who they are, and they are no longer surrounded by reporters and photographers. And because whatever happened should remain buried. Truth is not always the best choice. Fresia, Viola and Iris therefore have just one weekend to change their mother’s mind. She is a woman who has never listened to them, always too wrapped up in herself. And yet this time the stakes are too high and they’re not three little girls anymore. They’re adults and their future depends on what will be written in this book. Only by being united can they reach their goal, but their sisterly bond can be a prison as well as a refuge. And sometimes a family is the place where every secret can be left as such for ever.

Garzanti, June 2022, pp.288

Anna Dalton

Anna Dalton (1986) has a degree in literature and specialised in publishing and creative writing at La Sapienza University in Rome. She is an actress by profession. Garzanti published her trilogy L’apprendista geniale, La ragazza con le parole in tasca and Tutto accade per una ragione (50,000 copies sold in Italy alone).

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