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Il libro dei sette sigilli

(The Book of the Seven Seals)

Adriano Salani Editore, June 2020, pp.304

A prophetic book.  A brave writer determined to track it down.

An adventure suspended between reality and legend.

English sample available

Jerusalem. In the Year of Our Lord, the prophetess Anna gives the world a book destined to change its destiny. Many centuries later, the story of this book is stumbled upon by Margherita Mori, a successful writer suffering from hypermnesia, a memory condition that makes her remember every single detail of her life, even the most painful ones. Margherita has recently written an adventure novel in which she tells the story of an apocalyptic book protected by seven iron seals and which, if found, could alter the destiny of the world. From the outset, Margherita’s book draws a bizarre kind of attention, including from Father Costarelli, a Jesuit who issues an urgent invitation to the seminary where he lives. Two days later, the man dies in suspicious circumstances, making Margherita wonder if the documents she had consulted in order to write her novel may not be so far-fetched after all.


Adriano Salani Editore, June 2020, pp.304

  • “Barbara Bellomo knows the secret tale of time.”

    Donato Carrisi

  • “A blend of historical ingredients – reality and a lot of fiction – that quickly overheats […] fast-paced prose, pleasant to read […] and an interlocking of time structures that gives a nod to masters of the genre.” 

    la Repubblica

  • “Readers of historical thrillers, pay attention! Read Barbara Bellomo.”

    Glenn Cooper, bestselling author of Library of the Dead

  • “A new genre, halfway between a detective story and a whodunnit, in an even more mature, enthralling style, in a prophetic, intriguing and mysterious story.”

    La Sicilia

  • “An accurate historical reconstruction, fact paced, with well-drawn characters: those who enjoy authors like Wilbur Smith, Glenn Cooper and James Rollins will not be disappointed.” 

    L’eco di Bergamo

  • “Bellomo gives an Italian, woman’s twist to a Dan Brown-style plot.”

    Il Venerdì” – La Repubblica

  • “An ancient history scholar but also an attentive expert of the fiction genre.”

    Ranieri Polese, Il Corriere della Sera

Barbara Bellomo

Barbara Bellomo has a Ph.D. in Ancient History and currently teaches in a high school. She is the author of several publications on Roman history. For Salani, she has written the Isabella De Clio trilogy, featuring the Sicilian female archeologist of La ladra di ricordi [The Memory Thief], Il terzo relitto [The Third Wreckage], Il peso dell’oro [The Weight of Gold]. And an historical thriller Il libro dei sette sigilli [The Book of the Seven Seals].

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