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Nel modo in cui cade la neve

(The Way the Snow Falls)

Magazzini Salani, January 2022, pp.480

Top Ten Bestseller List

A heart white as snow.

A love that rages like a blizzard.

A precious secret to keep beyond death.

Ivy grew up among frozen lakes and uncontaminated forests, surrounded by the snow she loves. This is why, after she is orphaned and forced to move to California, all she can think of is what she’s left behind. Canada and its land are a deep loss. Its mountains contain the past to which the girl is so attached, and that, unbeknown to her, makes her the carrier of a dangerous secret.

The only family she has left is that of John, her kind godfather. It’s not long before she realises that John’s son, Mason, is no longer the toothless little boy whose picture she saw as a child. He is now grown up, with the sharp eyes of a wild animal and a face like a lair of shadows. And the first time he smiles at her, menacing, curving his perfect lips, Ivy realises that living with him will be harder than she expected. Indeed, Mason doesn’t want her there and does nothing to conceal it.

As Ivy tries to keep her head above the violent waves of her new life by the ocean, Canada and its mysteries never cease to torment her while she does everything it takes to enable her heart, white as snow, to blossom once more, overcoming the winter cold.

Magazzini Salani, January 2022, pp.480

Rights Sold

World Spanish:  Montena/Penguin Random House.

Erin Doom

Erin Doom is the pen name of a young Italian writer who started off on Wattpad, the world’s most famous reading social media network, under the handle DreamsEater. Within a short space of time, her stories had registered a total of 6 million reads, conquering the audience’s heart. Magazzini Salani published her debut novel, Fabbricante di lacrime.

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