Nel più bel sogno

(In the Most Beautiful Dream)

Ugo Guanda Editore, November 2017, pp.608

3 editions in 1 month

Cynical, surly and disenchanted: chief inspector Bordelli investigates during the worrisome and revolutionary atmosphere of the sixties, a time so far away yet so similar to our own.

It is April 1968, and Florence like the rest of Italy is shaken by student demonstrations.

In contrast with the fermenting world around him, Inspector Bordelli is going through a sort of internal spring revolution and he finally feels at peace. The weight of his past seems to have finally lifted, and he is willing to take life more lightly. Even his relationship with Eleonora seems to have become more stable.

This moment of calm however is suddenly interrupted by a horrendous murder, seemingly straightforward to solve. It will however bring Bordelli face to face with the families of the Florentine “Haute Bourgeoisie”, in which the children directly oppose their fathers and make no compromises, and where it is difficult to understand on what side evil lies.

Ugo Guanda Editore, November 2017, pp.608

  • “Vichi’s crime novels are enjoyable, mystifying and well worth reading.”

    Literary Review

  • “A real find for anyone who likes their crime novels atmospheric, humorous and thought-provoking.”

    The Guardian

  • “Italian writers are justifiably growing in popularity here: Marco Vichi deserves to be among them […] Bordelli is stubborn, womanless, cynical and impatient, but strangely appealing.”

    The Times

  • “Inspector Bordelli is a disillusioned anti-hero but one that is completely authentic in his way of life. He comes across as a real man, and thus he is difficult to forget.

    Andrea Camilleri, writer

  • Inspector Bordelli is magnetic and melancholic like a Chandler hero.

    la Repubblica

  • Vichi is a splendid, thoughtful novelist who wanders and wonders, and who pulls the crime novel to the limits of its potential.”

    The Times Literary Supplement

Marco Vichi

Marco Vichi was born in Florence in 1957 and currently lives in the Chianti region. He is one of the most successful Italian crime novelists and has been shortlisted as one of the best Italian authors of the decade by the national newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Vichi has many novels to his credit, all published by Guanda: L’inquilino (The Lodger, 1999), Donne donne (Women Women, 2000, new edition 2008), Il brigante (The Bandit, 2006), Nero di luna (Moon Black, 2007), Un tipo tranquillo (A Peaceful Guy, 2010), La vendetta (Revenge, 2012), Il contratto (The Contract, 2012), La sfida (The Dare, 2014), Il console (The Consul, 2015) and Per nessun motivo (For no Reason Whatsoever). In 2002, Vichi started writing the popular series featuring Inspector Bordelli.

In the series devoted to Inspector Bordelli, the following titles have been published, all by Guanda: Il commissario BordelliUna brutta faccendaIl nuovo venutoMorte a Firenze (Premio Giorgio Scerbanenco – La Stampa 2009 for the best Italian noir), La forza del destinoFantasmi del passatoNel più bel sogno and L’anno dei misteri.

He is the editor of two collections of short stories, two graphic novels and has also written screenplays, music lyrics and radio scripts. He supports and works with several humanitarian projects.

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