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Entra in gioco con la testa

(Get Involved with your Head)

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., March 2022, pp.270


English sample available

Do you know what you really want? Do you know why you want it? In that case, what’s stopping you from going out to get it? The “non-method” of the mental coach behind the Tokyo 2020 sensational Italian victories is finally explained in a personal growth handbook that is practical, enlightening, and which will change your life.

Preface by Marcell Jacobs

 We often know all too well what we don’t want, but, on the other hand, have no idea of what we do want. Allowing yourself to wish is a powerful act, because having a loud and clear dream to follow is worth more than having the material resources needed to make it come true; however, it could also be scary because it means being forced to tackle potential fears connected with that dream.

Nicoletta Romanazzi likes to define hers as a “non-method” and describes herself as a mirror, which, when placed before another person, helps them truly see themselves. With each individual, she puts her “magic” into practice and, after that, no dream – however ambitious – seems unreachable anymore. Because the point isn’t to win. The point is to become the best version of ourselves

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., March 2022, pp.270

  • “Nicoletta Romanazzi presents her method, which isn’t just about how to win at the Olympics, but concerns us all”.

    Federica Brignoli, F

  • “Reading her book is like sitting on her sofa, on a coaching path, like anyone coming to her practice.”

    Serena Coppetti, Il Giornale

Nicoletta Romanazzi

Nicoletta Romanazzi is a mental coach who specialises in sport coaching and top performance, a trainer and a breathing facilitator. Driven by curiosity and a passion for developing human potential, she is constantly studying new methods in order to improve her approach with her clients. In 2022 Longanesi published Entra in gioco con la testa (Get Involved with your Head).

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