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Fai piano quando torni

(Be Quiet When You Come Home)

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., March 2018, pp.272

3 editions

An unlikely friendship that will – against all odds – reignite the destinies of two women who are very different yet strangely complementary. An intense and moving first novel about discovering one’s feelings and joie de vivre.

English sample available

Margherita is 34, she is beautiful, rich and has a job that she loves, but she is absolutely incapable of overcoming the death of her beloved father and being suddenly abandoned by her fiancé. Anna is 76, she was born without a penny, was sold as a maid at the age of 9 and has spent her entire life with a petty man and a mean daughter. Yet Anna conveys extraordinary energy and joie de vivre. The secret for her light-heartedness is a sweetheart with whom she has been exchanging passionate letters for the past fifty years.
The two very distant worlds of Margherita and Anna converge in a hospital room that they have to share in the orthopedic ward. After a few stormy clashes and an impromptu trip through the cheerfulness and sweet scents of sunny and open- hearted Naples, a friendship is born that will unexpectedly pave the way to save both of them.

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., March 2018, pp.272

  • “Silvia Truzzi’s prose is hypnotic. Each one of her constructions, of dialogues and scenes, is a mantra that
    carries her readers”

    Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Il Fatto Quotidiano

  • “… the surprising flares and bursts of dialectic reveal an encyclopaedic knowledge of the universe of identity and humour”

    Vanity Fair

Silvia Truzzi

Silvia Truzzi was born in Mantua and lives in Milan. After obtaining a Law degree, she became a journalist and was awarded several prizes. She has been working at the Fatto Quotidiano since it was founded, in 2009. She made her fiction debut with Longanesi, with Fai piano quando torni, which sold over 40,000 copies.

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