L'ombrello dell'imperatore

(The Emperor's Umbrella)

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., January 2021, pp.320

Debuted #18 in the Italian charts!

A crime novel set in an unusual environment, in Japan, where a mixed-race detective investigates a singular murder with just one clue that incriminates the only person in the world he can neither question nor arrest: the Emperor.

A compelling debut novel that contains the beauty and elusiveness typical of an ancient culture, while not shying away from its deepest flaws.

When faced with a murder victim killed with an ordinary, transparent plastic umbrella, like the hundreds seen in the streets of Tokyo on rainy days, Chief Inspector Takeshi Nishida has little prospect of solving the case. Both the victim and the murder weapon are too anonymous. It is therefore with little hope that he has the object examined for any relevant fingerprints. The test results are, however, beyond the imaginable. There is a clear, well-defined fingerprint. It belongs to the Emperor of Japan.  And so what seemed like a run-of-the-mill murder suddenly turns into a very delicate, complex conundrum. One, by one, Chief Inspector Nishida must identify all the fleeting owners of this umbrella, hunting for an answer that is as hoped for as it is dreaded.

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., January 2021, pp.320

  • “The author succeeds on two fronts: in weaving an engaging plot and at the same time writing a compendium of Japanese culture and sociology for Westerners (…) fast-paced (…). For a debut novel, Scotti aims high.”

    Corriere della Sera

Tommaso Scotti

Tommaso Scotti (1984) is a mathematician and Oriental martial arts expert.  A well-travelled polyglot, he spent a long time living in Finland and China. In 2010, during a holiday in Tokyo with friends, he fell in love with a young woman (who dumped him as soon as she realised he was studying Applied Maths) and has been living and working in Japan ever since. L’ombrello dell’imperatore is his first novel.

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