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Cover Story

Cover Story

Erin Doom


English synopsis available

Alone and penniless, Mireya moves to cold Philadelphia, no longer believing in miracles. However, she changes her mind when she steps into the quirky, lavish Milagro Club, where she becomes bound to the detestable, charming Andras, head of security, by a golden thread stronger than fate itself.

Quirky and lavish, the Milagro Club is a place that can bewitch anyone who walks into it, including Mireya. Obstinate like someone with nothing to lose, the young woman gets herself hired as a bartender. The Milagro, however, is more than an exclusive nightclub. Behind its closed doors, beyond the sequins and stage lights, destinies and secrets are intertwined. The darkest ones are all gathered in the rugged, charming face of Andras, the head of security. Between Mireya and Andras, it’s hatred at first sight. Both carry on their skins the same marks, the brand of those who have had to learn to fight in order to survive. And yet they keep bumping into each other, as though attracted by a mysterious force they neither know nor are able to oppose, bound by a golden thread that is stronger than destiny.


Francesca Giannone

La portalettere

The Letter Carrier

3 editions in 1 week!

#8 Top 10 Overall Best Sellers List

#2 Italian Fiction Best Sellers List

80.000 copies sold!

English Sample Available

Anna Allavena, Letter Carrier: the extraordinary story of an ordinary woman who moves from Northern Italy to the South and becomes the first postwoman in a village in the Salento region.

A riveting story about female courage and emancipation, as well as about two inseparable brothers destined to love the same woman.

Salento, June 1934. A coach stops in the main square of Lizzanello, a village with only a few souls. A couple get off: the man, Carlo, a child of the South, is happy to be back home; the woman, Anna – his wife – is from the North. She is as beautiful as a Greek statue, but sad and worried: what kind of life awaits her in this unfamiliar land?

In the eyes of the villagers, Anna never ceases to be “the foreigner” who doesn’t attend church, doesn’t wander around the village and doesn’t gossip. Proud and prickly, Anna never yields to the customs of Southern women: not only does she take the postal services public exam, but actually passes it and becomes the first postwoman in the village, or rather the first “letter carrier”, as she wants to be called.

For over twenty years, Anna is the invisible thread that brings the village residents and their stories together. First on foot, then by bicycle, proud in her navy blue cap and uniform, Anna delivers letters from the young men at the front, postcards from emigrants and missives from secret lovers. Without meaning to – and above all without the villagers wanting it – the letter carrier changes many things in Lizzanello.

Ilaria Tuti

Come vento cucito alla terra

Like Wind Sewn to the Soil

4 editions, over 100,000 copies sold


Top Ten Bestseller List

English sample available

Ilaria Tuti – an author whose books have so far sold over 750,000 copies – returns to drawing from history in order to bring to light the experiences of the first British women surgeons during World War I, their fight for equality, as well as their dealings with the soldiers on the Western Front. The soldiers found in these women not only the healing of the body, but also rebirth through embroidery.

This book is about the meeting between the male world of war and the female world of healing.

Come vento cucito alla terra is the story of the first British women surgeons, a handful of pioneers, often militant suffragettes, forced to operate only in the London slums, in charitable establishments for women and children because they were not allowed to practise on men or to pursue a career. At the start of the First World War, in order to create a space for themselves in the male world and build up medical experience, they decided to leave for the battle fields of the Western Front and set up a hospital managed entirely by them in France. But this is also the story of the soldiers who were wounded and left invalids, who entered that female world thinking they were being sent there because there was no more hope for them, but who found there an opportunity for healing and redemption – partly through embroidery.

Come vento cucito alla terra is the story of the meeting between this apparently opposite worlds through two different points of view: that of Caterina – a surgeon, single mother of Italian origin – and that of Alexander, a British soldier – first a brave captain, then a patient made prisoner of his own body, but still a leader of men he must guide through a process of rebirth. And so he does, partly by picking up a sewing needle.

Matteo Porru

Il dolore crea l’inverno

Grief Creates the Winter

English sample available

Elia Legasov has inherited the family business: he is a snow sweeper in a town immersed in whiteness.

But, one day, the snow betrays him by yielding from its depths something that should have remained buried and forgotten. Elia consequently has to remember and start to question everything.

Elia Legasov was born in a town surrounded by whiteness and has never left.

His job is to shovel snow and clear streets along which nobody walks until the snow reveals something from its depths. Something connected to Elia’s family and all that was supposed to remain buried. From that moment on, Elia’s mind becomes crowded with memories he had suppressed: memories of a father who died many years ago and a mother who left for ever.

This makes Elia believe what people say about his family: that the snow does not protect them but, on the contrary, puts them to the test to see if they are capable of forgetting, because everybody forgets. But the Legasovs remember, always.

It is now Elia’s turn to remember, whatever the cost. Because grief creates the winter, only every winter is different from the one before and the one before that.

Tommaso Ghidini

Homo Caelestis

Homo caelestis – The Incredible Story of How We Will Be

3 editions

Winner of the Robinson (weekly cultural supplement of La Repubblica) Non-Fiction Competition

Full English version available

An extraordinary new voice in science popularization.

A high-ranking official of the European Space Agency guides us through a spellbinding reflection on the relationship humans of the new millennium have and increasingly will have with the cosmos in which we live: the Sapiens sapiens is ready to become the Homo caelestis.

The human being of the new millennium will install a station on the Moon, go to Mars and engineer it, launch interplanetary flights and cross the frontier that separates us from deep space. This is something Tommaso Ghidini knows well, since he’s only ever had one dream: to fly. He has turned his passion into a career. Consequently, with visionary lucidity, exceptional passion and total competence, he is able to lead us through the entire arc of a human being’s life, telling us about the deep rapport of attraction and challenge that has always bound man and space. While touching on the most fascinating mysteries of the Universe, his exploration projects us into a future that is now practically within our reach.

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