Annick Emdin

Annick Emdin (Pisa, 1991) is a playwright and theatre director. This is her first novel.

Io sono del mio amato

(I am my Beloved's)

Astoria Edizioni , October 2020

A comparison between two generations (grandfather and grandson) of an ultra-Orthodox family, between tradition and modernity.
A story that straddles the tragedy of the Shoah and the contradictions of modern Israel.

Chaim and Levi, grandfather and grandson, live in contemporary Jerusalem and belong to an ultra-Orthodox family. Their stories unfold between past and present, and tales of the Second World War and the horror of the Shoah intersect with those of everyday events in a staunchly practising family. The tradition and modernity they both represent inevitably clash when Levi falls in love with a young female soldier who smokes, wears trousers and can’t cook. They quickly discover how unfair the dictates of religion can be and how it is sometimes necessary to deviate from the imposed norms. In the end, there is reconciliation in the spirit of love and affection.

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