Bruno Arpaia

Bruno Arpaia was born in Ottaviano (Naples) in 1957. He is a journalist, essayist and novelist, and has translated the works of Spanish and Latin-American writers such as José Ortega y Gasset, Gabriel García Márquez and Javier Cercas. All his books are published by Guanda: among them are the novels L’Angelo della Storia/The Angel of History (2001) translated into 8 languages, Il passato davanti a noi/The Past ahead of us (2006), L’energia del vuoto/The Vacuum Energy (2011), Raccontare, resistere/To Tell, to Resist, a conversation with Luis Sepúlveda, the essay L’avventura di scrivere romanzi/The Adventure of Writing Novels with Javier Cercas, the noir Prima della battaglia/Before the Battle (2015), Qualcosa là fuori/ Something, Out There (2018), Il fantasma dei fatti/The Fact Ghost (2020).

Luis Sepúlveda. Il ribelle, il sognatore

(Luis Sepúlveda. Rebel, Dreamer.)

Ugo Guanda Editore, January 2021

From a writer and close friend of Luis Sepúlveda, the public and private portrait of Lucho, a rebellious writer and a dreamer.

Following the death of the great Chilean writer, a few months ago, Bruno Arpaia draws an accurate, earnest portrait, as only one painted by a friend of thirty years and a colleague can be. His life, books, themes, obsessions and places, as well as his many friends: Sepúlveda is described as faithfully to the truth as possible in order to bring him even closer to his many readers and restore the memory of a life filled with formidable passions.

Il fantasma dei fatti

(The Fact Ghost)

Ugo Guanda Editore, March 2020

A counter-history of Italy from the 1950s to the present day. After fifteen years of research, Bruno Arpaia constructs a compelling novel that weaves together events and stories of his adventurous investigations, brings together elusive characters, unresolved cases and uncomfortable truths, lays them bare and shows us that the most logical version of facts is not always the most truthful.

Towards the late 1950s, Tom il Greco was the head of the CIA in Rome. Throughout his long career, he had a hand in the most obscure secrets of international politics, from the Kennedy assassination to the apprehension of Che Guevara and the coup in Chile. There are, however, state secrets and political intrigues that even the shrewdest men cannot keep under control, and Tom knows this very well. Attacks that hit Italy’s resources hard in the field of electronics and nuclear energy, propelling it to its current decline. Secrets which, at this late stage, it no longer makes sense to conceal.

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Qualcosa, là fuori

(Something, Out There)

Ugo Guanda Editore, April 2016

A climate fiction, the story of a group of “environmental migrants” who escape from climate catastrophes and search for salvation.

Synopsis and English sample available

In 2082, tens of thousands of people abandon an almost deserted Southern Europa and head to Scandinavia, which has become one of the very few territories with a mild climate that is favorable for the settlement of human beings. Among them is Livio Delmastro, an elderly professor of neuroscience who lost his wife and son sixteen years earlier because of the progressive climate changes and the dramatic social and political consequences that ensued from them. Alone now, Livio decides to leave, but he would really rather die than continue living. His story is intertwined with those of others who like him have paid guides and explorers in the hope of reaching the north. During their crossing of Switzerland and of the vast arid plateau of southern Germany, a few of his fellow travelers die of starvation, thirst or are killed by robbers. It is at this point that Livio realizes that he has a duty towards the world that is to save his few remaining companions.

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