Francesco Permunian

Francesco Permunian was born in 1951, in Cavarzere, and has lived in Desenzano by Lake Garda for years now. He is the author of various books, including Il principio della malinconia (2005), La casa del sollievo mentale (2011), Il gabinetto del dottor Kafka (2013).

His books have been reviewed by major critics. Franco Cordelli listed him among the seventy authors that represent Italian literature and Andrea Cortellessa included him in the anthology La terra della prosa. Narratori italiani degli anni Zero (L’Orma, 2014).

In 2019, the publishing house Chiarelettere published his novel Sillabario dell’amor crudele, which was acclaimed by reviewers and won the 34th Premio Dessì.

Giorni di collera e di annientamento

(Days of Rage and Annihilation)

Ponte alle Grazie, September 2021

A humorous, ruthless novel, an uncompromising satire filled with absurd, grotesque and all-too-human characters.

It’s the story of Doctor Lunfardo, who dreamt of becoming a singer but won the Strega literature prize instead.

Doctor Lunfardo, AKA Don Fifì, dreamt of becoming a Bing Crosby-style crooner but, instead, wrote a hugely successful book and won the Strega prize.

Unfortunately, he got sucked into the terrible world of publishing and his life was ruined. He’s now trying in vain to find a little peace on the shore of Lake Garda, and is besieged by pain-in-the-neck people, relatives, nightmares and hypochondria. Set in provincial Italy during the global pandemic, the story sees countless improbable topics revolve around our “hero”: brazen Neo-Fascist prostitutes riding in Zündapp Wehrmacht sidecars, elderly dentists heading for dementia and still loyal to their pedal-operated drills, demoniacal swamp sirens, railway tramps who were once the kings of luxury bathroom fittings, pilgrims obsessed with Lourdes and sanctuaries around Lake Garda, stalker interns, improbable suicides, conceited aspiring female writers, high-maintenance ménages à trois led by jealous celluloid dolls… A true circus. Permunian gives us a humorous, ruthless novel, an uncompromising satire filled with absurd, grotesque, all-too-human humans.

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