Gianluca Antoni

 Gianluca Antoni (1968) is a psychotherapist. He has written the novels Cassonetti [Wheelie-Bins] (Italic, 2010) and Il peso specifico dell’amore [The Specific Weight of Love] (Italic, 2012). He is moreover the author of the guides Trova il tuo lavoro e Realizza i tuoi sogni [Find your job and make your dreams come true] , published in Sole 24 Ore.

Io non ti lascio solo

(I Won't Leave You Alone)

Adriano Salani Editore, January 2021


Gianluca Antoni, the author of Io non ti lascio solo (Salani), has been awarded the Scaramuzza prize 2021, for the following reasons:

Gianluca Antoni’s book – Io non ti lascio solo – has won the prize because “we found his book by far the most impressive, from the unexpected, compelling ending – which focusses on the transition from childhood to adolescence – to the fear of growing up and facing grief. He explores children’s psychology and aptly conveys extraordinary emotions with the help of a very special narrative style”.

Two little boys, a great friendship, a secret kept for over thirty years.

 A tale that combines a coming-of-age novel and a detective story. It tells with the kind of delicacy and charm only fairy-tales have of the relationship between parents and children, grief and loss, but also of the force and tenacity destined to survive over time. Until the final, unsettling and overwhelming coup de théâtre.

Just as he is about to retire from the force, Marshal De Benedettis makes a discovery destined to disturb his peace of mind. Two dusty diaries surface from the the cellar of the old house of Guelfo Tabacci – a cantankerous mountain dweller  and suspect in the case of his son’s disappearance, thirty years earlier. They were written by Filo e Rullo, two little boys who, during a summer, a long time ago, went searching for their beloved dog, Birillo, and so reached Guelfo’s mountain hut. And there, the children discovered a disconcerting, painful truth that has remained buried for too long.

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