Giuseppe Festa

Giuseppe Festa (1972) works in environmental education. He is the founder and lead singer of the folk group Lingalad, that holds concerts in Italy and abroad. He is the author of a number of reports about nature and Salani has published various children’s books of his, including Il passaggio dell’orso (2013), L’ombra del gattopardo (2014), La luna è dei lupi (2016), Cento passi per volare (2018) and I Lucci della via Lago (2021). Garzanti has published his I figli del bosco (2018). He has written for the National Geographic, Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica. Una trappola d’aria is his first thriller.

Una trappola d'aria

(An Air Trap)

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., January 2022

An intense thriller that gets your adrenaline pumping: in a fascinating, atmospheric Nordic setting, a ruthless, unstoppable serial killer is on the loose, forcing former police inspector Marcus Morgen – a man damaged in body and soul – and young Italian researcher Valentina Santi to confront their past. 

Nature cannot avenge herself, but someone else can do it for her…


English Sample Available 

Lofoten, Norway, 1995. Marcus Morgen is holding a gun. He has decided that it’s time to end it all. He’s lost everything: the love of his life, his leg and the job he loved: police inspector in the Oslo crime squad. In this remote, far-northern archipelago, among ancient mountains and arctic fjords, Marcus has nothing left worth living for, for even just another day. He’s about to pull the trigger. But at that very moment, Ailo, a friend and colleague, bursts into his house: there’s been a murder. Marcus’s brilliant mind takes off again: his intuition tells him that this may not be a one-off incident. As a matter of fact, a ruthless serial killer starts to sow panic among the residents of these islands, guilty of abusing nature. This man conceives sadistic crimes that resemble those committed by the victims – an elusive man who seems at one with untamed nature. In order to stop him, Marcus needs someone who knows these locations like the back of her hand: Valentina Santi, an Italian scientist and expert in marine animals who is in Lofoten to study whales. But to put an end to this bloody trail, it’s not enough just to follow clues. Marcus and Valentina must confront their own past and, above all, that of a killer who was himself also a victim, someone destined for evil.

Andrà tutto bene

(All shall be well)

Garzanti, April 2020

From their homes, twenty-six of the most prominent writers in the Italian landscape have given a meaning to these days by choosing to tackle this emergency also with the weapons of literature.

R. Armeni, S. Auci, A. Basso, B. Bellomo, G. Biondillo, C. Bonvicini, F. Bosco, M. Buticchi, C. Caboni, D. Carrisi, A. Dalton, G. Festa, A. Frontani, E. Galiano, A. Gazzola, E. Gnone, M. Gramellini, J. Lahiri, F. Noiville, C. Sánchez, G. Sundas, S. Truzzi, I. Tuti, H. Tuzzi, M. Vichi, A. Vitali.

Nowadays, fear has a new name: Covid-19. The only way to defeat it is to stay at home.  Within the four walls that have always shielded us but which have now become impassable boundaries.

They have become almost an enemy.

And yet, day after day, those who always work with words have discovered that rooms, windows, and even the remotest corners of their homes are wings to carry them out into the world. Every one of them has therefore chosen a way to give life to this magic.

From their homes, twenty-six of the most prominent writers in the Italian landscape have given a meaning to these days by choosing to tackle this emergency also with the weapons of literature.

So as to take their daily lives to the readers who love them.

And they decided to do this together with the publishing house Garzanti by donating all the proceeds to the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo.

Some decided to write about their days, their established routines, about novelties that make you smile. About the tears they cannot stop but also about the force of nature that dissolves the lump in your throat. About forced cohabitation, as well the distancing from people who are dear to you, that feels unbearable. Others write about neighbours who were once strangers but are no longer so, and work that has changed its tools but not its substance. Some admit their error in thinking that it could not all be true or else lend a voice to animals who, on the contrary, are glad this is all true. Others entrust their thoughts about these strange days to beloved characters they have created. Everyone is certain that we will emerge from this more aware of what is truly important, and we will meet, hug, and soon take walks all together. They are certain that solidarity will be the currency we will carry with us and no longer be able to do without.

They are all convinced that words, books and stories bring us together. They create invisible links that break all barriers. When we read we are never alone. And we are strong. And everything appears as it will be. Because all shall be well.

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