Jacinta Cremades

Jacinta Cremades was born in Barcelona, but spent her childhood in France. A great lover of books, she did a PhD in literature and taught Spanish and literature courses. Since childhood, she has travelled the world, following her mother’s painting exhibitions, developing special artistic sensitivity. She has worked as a literary critic for El Cultural, El Imparcial, Le Magazine Littéraire, El Mercurio and Le Monde. She currently lives in Madrid and Ritorno a Parigi (2021) is her first novel.

Regreso a París

(Return to Paris)

Duomo Ediciones, May 2021

Upmarket women’s fiction

The intertwined fates of three strong women. A family saga about unspeakable secrets and the power of the past.

1960s’ Spain. Maite, also known as “the Enchantress” because of her divining skills, is a young Barcelona aristocrat who decides to break away from the conventions of Franco’s era and embark on a new life in Paris. There, she meets an inspector who involves her in working with the French police as a psychic, to solve missing persons cases.

Years later, Teresa returns to Paris to bury her mother Maite, certain that her childhood and youth there are a closed chapter. But as soon as she arrives, with her daughter Lucia, a little girl with an extraordinary sensitivity that allows her to communicate with her dead grandmother, familiar shadows reappear that she had thought buried. In Paris, she tries to find the words to convey her family’s silences and secrets, the intertwined fates of three women who share a past as only daughters, with absent fathers, forced escapes and a search for freedom.

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