Marco Bechis

Marco Bechis attended the Albedo film school in Milan and, in 1991, directed his first feature-length film, Alambrado, shot in Patagonia. His other film credits include Garage Olimpo (1999), Hijos/Figli (2001) and, in 2015, Il rumore della memoria (The Noise of Memory), first as a web series then as a film documentary.

La solitudine del sovversivo

(The Solitude of the Dissident)

Ugo Guanda Editore, March 2021

2 editions in 1 week

An intense memoir in which the author, the director of Garage Olimpo and Hijos, writes about a life spent between Italy and Latin America, constantly searching for justice and freedom. A personal account and an in-depth look at the tragedy of military dictatorship in Argentina.

Marco Bechis transports us to the dark night of his youth spent in Argentina during military dictatorship, when he, a young man from a good, cosmopolitan family, joined the secret opposition movement Montoneros (subsequently, in Italy, he got close to Lotta Continua) until his abduction in 1977. Then came imprisonment, torture and a desperate attempt to free him on the part of his companions and his parents. An effort which, through a series of lucky coincidences, had a positive outcome. And so began the second part of a difficult but thrilling life, the return to Italy as a free man, travels, experiencing an occupied house, and film school. Then there was a series of meetings, clashes and revelations until his first feature and after that the making of films that were crucial to him and to the Argentian people, ravaged by an ideology-based genocide never before seen in the West.

Through his work, Bechis has powerfully demanded the right to justice and, in the end, many of those responsible were sentenced for their crimes partly thanks to his testimony.



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