Marco Buticchi

Marco Buticchi was born in La Spezia in 1957. He is an eager traveller: travelling satisfies his inquisitive mind and his taste for adventure as well as nurturing his attention to detail – an essential trait when shaping his concise and sharp descriptions. He is the first Italian author to be published by Longanesi in the series “The Masters of Adventure” alongside celebrated writers such as Wilbur Smith, Clive Cussler and Patrick O’Brian. His books have enjoyed huge critical and commercial success. All Buticchi’s novels are constantly being reprinted in Italy and have sold over 1,500,000 copies in Italy alone!

Il mare dei fuochi

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., September 2021

Andrà tutto bene

(All shall be well)

Garzanti, April 2020

From their homes, twenty-six of the most prominent writers in the Italian landscape have given a meaning to these days by choosing to tackle this emergency also with the weapons of literature.

R. Armeni, S. Auci, A. Basso, B. Bellomo, G. Biondillo, C. Bonvicini, F. Bosco, M. Buticchi, C. Caboni, D. Carrisi, A. Dalton, G. Festa, A. Frontani, E. Galiano, A. Gazzola, E. Gnone, M. Gramellini, J. Lahiri, F. Noiville, C. Sánchez, G. Sundas, S. Truzzi, I. Tuti, H. Tuzzi, M. Vichi, A. Vitali.

Nowadays, fear has a new name: Covid-19. The only way to defeat it is to stay at home.  Within the four walls that have always shielded us but which have now become impassable boundaries.

They have become almost an enemy.

And yet, day after day, those who always work with words have discovered that rooms, windows, and even the remotest corners of their homes are wings to carry them out into the world. Every one of them has therefore chosen a way to give life to this magic.

From their homes, twenty-six of the most prominent writers in the Italian landscape have given a meaning to these days by choosing to tackle this emergency also with the weapons of literature.

So as to take their daily lives to the readers who love them.

And they decided to do this together with the publishing house Garzanti by donating all the proceeds to the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo.

Some decided to write about their days, their established routines, about novelties that make you smile. About the tears they cannot stop but also about the force of nature that dissolves the lump in your throat. About forced cohabitation, as well the distancing from people who are dear to you, that feels unbearable. Others write about neighbours who were once strangers but are no longer so, and work that has changed its tools but not its substance. Some admit their error in thinking that it could not all be true or else lend a voice to animals who, on the contrary, are glad this is all true. Others entrust their thoughts about these strange days to beloved characters they have created. Everyone is certain that we will emerge from this more aware of what is truly important, and we will meet, hug, and soon take walks all together. They are certain that solidarity will be the currency we will carry with us and no longer be able to do without.

They are all convinced that words, books and stories bring us together. They create invisible links that break all barriers. When we read we are never alone. And we are strong. And everything appears as it will be. Because all shall be well.

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World Arabic: Alfarasha Publishing

Stirpe di navigatori

(A Bloodline of Navigators)

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., September 2019

A well-established bestselling author enjoyed by 1,500,000 readers.

A new epic exploit of adventurer Oswald Breil and his wife, the archeologist Sara Terracini.

Present day. During a long sea crossing with her famous husband, the adventurer Oswald Breil, archeologist Sara Terracini is assigned the translation of an ancient diary discovered in a monastery in Lisbon. It is the memoir of Alessandro Terrasini, a great 18th-century Italian navigator who turns out to have been Sara’s distant ancestor.

Lisbon, 1755. In town on business, Terrasini finds himself caught up in a clash between slave traders, criminals and éminences grises that makes him forsake his country in order to save his life. In Congo, he finds shelter and the love of an indigenous woman. This union bears twins, the only living witnesses to something shocking, something nobody must know, which is why they are destined constantly to flee in order to survive…

Il segreto del faraone nero

(The Secret of the black pharaoh)

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., September 2018

A great new adventure that travels across the centuries, the intrigues and setting of a mysterious civilisation with a unique, undying allure: the Ancient Egyptians.

Egypt, 1798. Archeologist Claude de Duras is dispatched to Egypt following Napoleon’s army, and there devotes himself to studying the mysteries and culture of the land of the Pharaohs. Because the military expedition is afflicted by bad luck, Napoleon Bonaparte is forced to give up the gold discovered by de Duras during his excavations, in exchange for loans that could improve the chances of the expedition. However, nobody can possibly imagine the extent and value of the French archeologist’s discoveries. A trail of death follows anybody who, from then on, comes to know of his extraordinary findings…
Present-day Canada. On her deathbed, the adoptive mother of Oswald Breil, former head of Mossad and former prime minister of Israel – a recurring character in Buticchi’s novels – reveals that his family’s death, too, might be linked to these discoveries

La luce dell'impero

(The Empire’s Light)

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., September 2017

3 editions in less than 1 month

A trail of blood and brutal murders, a priceless diamond, an evil empire that must be defeated.

A story that goes back and forth between past and present, and that cleverly mixes historical facts and fictional narrative.

Oswald Breil, former head of the Mossad and ex-prime minister of Israel, and his wife Sara Terracini, an Italian restorer, are forced to seek refuge in the south of Tijuana, Mexico because of a motor failure during a cruise on their yacht. Not far from where they’ve docked, a judge who had been part of the Mexican anti-narcos pool is killed by the local organised crime before he could manage to communicate with them.

The drug cartel is now searching for Oswald, an inconvenient obstacle in their path. The cartel is linked to an enormous 33-carat yellow diamond called the Maximilian. The stone dates back to the XIX century, when Maximilian of Habsburg was Emperor of Mexico, and it is part of an undiscovered treasure on which Maximilian had founded his empire, one that was seemingly legitimate but actually drenched in innocent blood.

The stone is said to be cursed and to emit sinister flashes of light capable of blinding even the “light of the empire”.

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Turkey: Epsilon

Il segno dell'aquila

(The Sign of the Eagle)

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., September 2015

This is a journey through time, about myths and current affairs: from the mythical treasure of Porsenna, searched for by many and never found, to a terrifying story of organ trafficking, and the incumbent ISIS threat.

English Extract Available
Bestseller list

It all starts when Oswald Breil receives a call for help. Breil has been an Israeli Prime Minister, a Mossad agent: Laura, the sister of his trustworthy associate Toni has disappeared. Laura is a researcher and biologist who works for a multinational company with a head office in Geneva and luxurious clinics all over the world. The multinational is directed by Monsignor Fausto Denague, the founder and manager of the Holy Resurrection Brotherhood, also known as “the mediator”; he is a man who may not be as transparent as he would appear to be. Toni fears the worst, because his sister Laura is the custodian of a powerful secret: she knows the location of the Porsenna treasure. When her body is found a few days later, it seems Toni’s worst fears are well founded. For Oswald Breil and his partner in life and work Sara Terracini, this is just the beginning of an incredible and extremely dangerous case.
This is an forceful novel, one which is historically accurate in its reconstruction, and which deals with sensitive issues that torment our daily lives.

The first adventure novel that deals with the issue of the Islamic State.

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