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Sindrome da cuore in sospeso

(The Syndrome of the Suspended Heart)

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., October 2012, pp.148

over 1 million copies sold, 45 editions.

Going back to Alice Allevi’s origins.
If you don’t know her yet, here is the novel to discover her.
If you already know her, here is another reason to love her.

Devoted readers know full well Alice Allevi’s controversial relationship with legal medicine. What they don’t know is how this young and funny apprentice has embraced a career that gives her great satisfaction but does not spare her a great deal of bitterness.
In The Syndrome of the Suspended Heart, we find a twenty-three-year-old Alice stuck in the middle of a personal crisis: she doesn’t feel ready to finish her medical studies, and even less ready to start the bright career everybody seems to expect from her. She feels the need to talk about her doubts with her family, but doesn’t know where to start… Her life and plans are totally disrupted when a brutal murder is committed in Grandma Amalia’s house. Amalia’s young Russian carer is murdered and a young, attractive and unapproachable forensic expert arrives at the crime scene. His name is Claudio Conforti.
The encounter with Claudio will change Alice’s life forever, as the reader knows well!

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., October 2012, pp.148

Rights Sold

Rights of the series have been sold to: France: Presses de la Cité/Place des éditeurs; Germany: Carl’s Book/Random House; Japan: Nishimura; Poland: Jaguar; Spain: Suma/Santillana; Serbia: Evro-Giunti; Turkey: Ilgi.

The novels are being adapted into a TV series produced by Endemol and RAI Fiction.

Alessia Gazzola

Alessia Gazzola was born in Sicily in 1982. She has a degree in Medicine and has been specialising in Legal Medicine. L’Allieva (The Apprentice, 2010) was her debut novel and the first title of  a bestseling series. Thanks to the mix of suspense and irony, and to its endearing protagonist, the aspiring pathologist Alice Allevi, the series was an instant bestseller.

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