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Bello, elegante e con la fede al dito

(Handsome, Elegant and Wearing a Wedding Ring)

Garzanti, August 2017, pp.288

2 editions in 2 days

A small apartment on the lake, a beautiful girl with no inhibitions and a charming doctor who is about to land himself in a whole lot of trouble.

The sixties. Adalberto Casteggi, a charming forty-year-old optician from Milan has fallen in love with the lake during his commutes to replace a colleague at the hospital in Bellano. He has set up his buen retiro on these shores, and is revelling in the sweet company of a local patient. Her name is Rosa Pescegalli, a very attractive thirty-six-year-old. Rosa runs a perfume shop and has a history of being a local heartthrob. She has distanced herself from men however, after having her heart broken by a football player. Now she winds them around her little finger when she wants and how she wants, but refuses to make any commitments. The doctor falls head over heels for her, but blinded by her incredible beauty, he forgets that there may be a price to pay… because behind the splendour of the lake, of the mountains and especially in Rosa’s magnetic eyes (and cleavage), lurk old resentments and venomous hopes of revenge.

Garzanti, August 2017, pp.288

  • “Andrea Vitali never misses a beat and each new book of his ends up among the top reads.”

    La Repubblica

  • “He is extraordinarily clever. He is a great writer, and in the next twenty years he will be acclaimed everywhere.”

    Antonio D’Orrico, La Repubblica

  • “In this joyful shambles of characters, farcical situations, and misunderstandings, seaplanes sink, telephone operators fall in love and the reader has a whale of a time.”

    Le Figaro

  • “He is so good at describing the mists on the lake that I caught a cold while reading him”

    Daria Bignardi, journalist and writer

Rights Sold

Albania: Botimet Dudaj; Japan: C-Light Books; Poland: EDRA Urban & Partner; Romania: Historia and Corint; Turkey: Orkinos Yayınları.

Andrea Vitali

Andrea Vitali was born in 1956 on the eastern shore of Lake Como, where he still lives and works as a medical doctor. He started writing novels in 1989 and since then has kept up his prolific career by accumulating a series of literary prizes. A success that’s lasted 15 years, made up exclusively of bestsellers, first places in the charts, prizes, and ecstatic reviews from the press and critics. More than 3,500,000 readers in Italy alone.

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