General Fiction

La gita in barchetta

(A Boat Trip)

Garzanti, pp.272

From the great storyteller of the most authentic Italy: three sisters, three destinies and an entire country watching and, above all, talking.

Bellano, Lake Como, 1963. Annibale Carretta, a shoemaker famous for not keeping his hands to himself, is now ill and apparently close to death. The chairwoman of the San Vincenzo association arranges for him to be cared for by her young associate Rita Cereda, nicknamed The Lame, in order to obtain the shoemaker’s old shop and turn it into her new headquarters. Only Rita also wants it so she can make it into a dressmaking workshop for her mother and this way lighten her wretched life: she is a widow preoccupied about her three daughters: Rita the Lame, Lirina the unfortunately-married, and Vincenza, attractive but without prospects. However, it’s a boat trip that alters the three sisters’ fates.

In the world-microcosm of Bellano, everybody can find something of themselves and La gita in barca is one of its best portrayals from the pen of Andrea Vitali. An irresistible opportunity to plunge into the stories that make up life.

Garzanti, pp.272

  • “The Cechov of Bellano”.

    Antonio D'Orrico, La Lettura

Andrea Vitali

Andrea Vitali was born in 1956 on the eastern shore of Lake Como, where he still lives and works as a medical doctor. He started writing novels in 1989 and since then has kept up his prolific career by accumulating a series of literary prizes. A success that’s lasted 15 years, made up exclusively of bestsellers, first places in the charts, prizes, and ecstatic reviews from the press and critics. More than 3,500,000 readers in Italy alone.

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