General Fiction

Viva più che mai

(Alive and Kicking)

Garzanti, November 2016, pp.564

A weird series of coincidences and misunderstandings, unmentionable projects and obstacles of all sorts are solved thanks to the intervention of sensible and determined women.

“Doubt” is a small cigarette smuggler. “Doubt” is the nickname given to him because of his incapacity to make decisions, other than the one not to ever have anything to do with the authorities. While transporting his merchandise from Switzerland to Bellano, on Lake Como, Doubt’s motorboat suddenly bumps into the body of a woman. He drags it ashore, and having carefully hidden his loot, he runs to seek help from a doctor, a good client of his who is waiting for him. Unfortunately when he returns to the boat, the body has disappeared and a beautiful woman is standing there in its place…
A series of fabulous events take place on the sidelines of the main story, which include one hundred and twelve characters from Bellano that are among the most entertaining in Vitali’s novels; from the local carabinieri to the spinsters, to Ciurcill, who is famous for his serial announcements of his next plan to cross the lake swimming, to “Mistico” (Mystical), famous for eating nuts whole with their shells.

Garzanti, November 2016, pp.564

Andrea Vitali

Andrea Vitali was born in 1956 on the eastern shore of Lake Como, where he still lives and works as a medical doctor. He started writing novels in 1989 and since then has kept up his prolific career by accumulating a series of literary prizes. A success that’s lasted 15 years, made up exclusively of bestsellers, first places in the charts, prizes, and ecstatic reviews from the press and critics. More than 3,500,000 readers in Italy alone.

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