Crossover Series

L'apprendista geniale

(The Brilliant Apprentice)

Garzanti, August 2018, pp.272

A powerful, iconic setting, a prestigious college in Venice. A unique, shy and stubborn protagonist who fights for her dream. A story that celebrates the power of wishes, the importance of friendship and the meaning of your roots.
Believing in yourself alone can truly take you far.

Write, write, write: these are the words scribbled on a piece of paper that Andrea – a half-Irish young woman with long, iconic red hair, who’s a slightly self-conscious introvert – is clutching obsessively while wandering lost through the Venice calle. It is everything her mother taught her when she was a child. Three simple words that even now show her the way to her dream: to be a journalist. She has finally got into one of the world’s most prestigious journalism schools – Longjoy College. What she has learnt there is not enough. Because everything in the lecture rooms is motivated by ambition and there are people who will do anything to stand in her way.

Garzanti, August 2018, pp.272

  • “A true breath of fresh air! At last an intelligent, unconventional story about young people – and not only for young people.”

    Alessia Gazzola, bestselling writer

Anna Dalton

Anna Dalton (1986) has a degree in literature and specialised in publishing and creative writing at La Sapienza University in Rome. She is an actress by profession. Garzanti published her trilogy L’apprendista geniale, La ragazza con le parole in tasca and Tutto accade per una ragione (50,000 copies sold in Italy alone).

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