L'artiglio del tempo

(The Claws of Time)

Garzanti, June 2023

English synopsis and sample available

Set in the deeply fascinating Sanità district in Naples, Father Raffaele’s investigations return, this time to deal with an apparently accidental death haunted by the shadow of Peppino, the delinquent brother fate stranded him with…

Old Samuele is found dead in his hat shop, in the Naples alleys. Father Raffaele is the only one who is certain that this is not a tragic accident. Besides, Samuele is not your average old man: there are numbers tattooed on his arm, that are the symbol of horrors he never mentioned. Father Raffaele senses that the old gentleman was murdered because the shadow of Peppino, the delinquent brother fate stranded him with, looms over every dark deed in the district. And yet this time, there is an even bigger shadow that darkens the priest’s and his housekeeper’s investigations: the shadow of history, of a distant war that always seems close, and of Naples, that knows how to defend itself and never to let anyone or anything hush it.

Garzanti, June 2023

  • “Gentle, involved and very passionate writing (…) a high-impact portrayal.”

    Maurizio de Giovanni, International bestselling Italian author

Anna Vera Viva

Anna Vera Viva lives in Naples. She has been writing for many years and is the screenwriter of docufilms and shorts, including La Consegna, nominated for the David di Donatello. Her hobbies are travelling and visiting museums and modern art galleries. She often stays in Paris and in the mountains in Abruzzo. Garzanti has published Questioni di sangue [Matter of Blood] (2022) the first in a series of novels set in the backstreets of Naples.

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