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Il lupo di Skopje

(The Skopje Wolf)

Astoria Edizioni , September 2022, pp.224

Jan, a young Macedonian, throws himself off a viaduct and Clémence, who is taking a walk, instinctively jumps into the river and manages to save him. This gives rise to a difficult, contentious relationship that binds them in a constant flux to and from the abyss – the void – everybody must take face.

A story of violence and abandonment, but also of redemption and love – a love that never takes its eyes off the other person or the world.

Clémence is an art expert who lives a comfortable, monotonous life with her partner Davide. She takes long walks to chase away the demons that torment her, and it is on one of her strolls that one day she sees a young man throw himself off a viaduct. She instinctively jumps into the river to save him. This encounter leads to a challenging, contentious relationship: Jan is handsome, desperate and apparenly all alone in the world, but what Clémence doesn’t know is that he carries a secret, bloody history.

It’s a story that began years before his birth, in Macedonia, with the christening of Magdalena, an unwanted little girl – a christening performed in a vain attempt to shield her from the sin of abandonment. Consequently, the little girl grows up seeking in everyone’s eyes something to take her away from the edge of the abyss. It is precisely in the depth of this abyss that the souls of Clémence, Jan and Magdalena meet.

Astoria Edizioni , September 2022, pp.224

  • “A talented writer undoubtedly destined to a brilliant literary career.”

    Il Foglio

  • “[…] the merit of this novel is to take us back to the duty of writing: to tell a story and keep us gripped until the final page […].”

    Marco Archetti, Il Foglio

  • “A powerful novel […]. A strong, brutal plot (…) Using a stark, engaging style, the author handles confidently this burning topic, which she develops in a very well contructed plot.”

    Mario Ostoni, La Lettura, Corriere della Sera

Annick Emdin

Annick Emdin was born in Pisa in 1991, graduated in stage performance studies and obtained a master’s degree in scriptwriting and dramaturgy at the Accademia Silvio D’Amico. She is a writer, dramaturge, theatre director and scriptwriter (L’ombra del giorno, directed by Giuseppe Piccioni). Astoria has already published her Io sono del mio amato (2020).

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