Il peso dell'oro

(The Weight of Gold)

Adriano Salani Editore, September 2018, pp.272

Work is the only thing that distracts Isabella from it is a recent, oppressive feeling of loneliness. Fortunately, there is a new mystery about to take her mind off her love life. The recent discovery of papyri attributed to Archimedes prompts her to consult the important Medieval codex rescriptus, long considered to be no more than a prayer book, but which actually conceals many surprises. Isabella will therefore find herself untangling a web which, on one hand, involves the famous Ancient Syracuse scientist and, on the other hand, an inestimable treasure, as well as mysterious deaths and schemes that are way beyond her. It is thanks to this risky investigation, however, that Isabella will discover that she is not as alone as she thinks…

Adriano Salani Editore, September 2018, pp.272

Barbara Bellomo

Barbara Bellomo has a Ph.D. in Ancient History and currently teaches in a high school. She is the author of several publications on Roman history. For Salani, she has written the Isabella De Clio trilogy, featuring the Sicilian female archeologist of La ladra di ricordi [The Memory Thief], Il terzo relitto [The Third Wreckage], Il peso dell’oro [The Weight of Gold]. And an historical thriller Il libro dei sette sigilli [The Book of the Seven Seals].

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