Historical novel

La casa del carrubo

(The Carob Tree House)

Adriano Salani Editore, June 2022, pp.352

Set in a Sicily devastated by war, this is a polyphonic novel that slowly unfolds and reveals the love, intrigues, courage and hope of a family from whom history has snatched everything.

English sample available

Catania, 1943. When war comes knocking at your door, it never seems as bad as you expected. At least that’s what Vittorio Floridia thinks the day after a bombing destroys his house and any hope of returning to normality. In an attempt to save his family from the grip of fear and hunger, he agrees to move in with the pharmacist Luigi Villalba, his late best friend’s brother. And so in this large country house, standing in the shade of a large carob tree, we get to know the members of a family like so many others, and yet different from all of them. Luca, with black curls and an impudent manner, is getting ready to fight a war his father has long stopped approving of. Elena, sweet and compliant, already feels like a woman at sixteen, but is still a child in everyone else’s eyes. Little Michele, slight and silent, risks losing his life after being wounded in the bombing. Then there’s Agata, now Vittorio’s wife, but for ever the love of Luigi’s life and his great regret.

Adriano Salani Editore, June 2022, pp.352

Barbara Bellomo

Barbara Bellomo has a Ph.D. in Ancient History and currently teaches in a high school. She is the author of several publications on Roman history. For Salani, she has written the Isabella De Clio trilogy, featuring the Sicilian female archeologist of La ladra di ricordi [The Memory Thief], Il terzo relitto [The Third Wreckage], Il peso dell’oro [The Weight of Gold]. And an historical thriller Il libro dei sette sigilli [The Book of the Seven Seals].

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