La ladra di ricordi

(Stealing Lies)

TEA - Tascabili degli Editori Associati, April 2016, pp.310

An original and young archaeologist specialising in ancient art is the principal character in a series of fresh, lively novels that take place in radiant Sicily and flow seamlessly between past and present, mystery and ancient history.

Isabella De Clio is earnest, meticulous, honest, very knowledgeable, beautiful and strong-willed. She has however one defect: Isabella is a kleptomaniac who constantly feels the urge to steel objects that represent memories for her.
An authority on cameos, she ends up working with a charming police inspector on an investigation into the murder of an elderly lady with an apparent connection to a precious gem of the Augustan Age. It turns out to have been a wedding present to the Emperor Octavian from his child bride, which ended up in the hands of the murdered woman in order to keep her from revealing an uncomfortable truth.

TEA - Tascabili degli Editori Associati, April 2016, pp.310

Barbara Bellomo

Barbara Bellomo has a Ph.D. in Ancient History and currently teaches in a high school. She is the author of several publications on Roman history. For Salani, she has written the Isabella De Clio trilogy, featuring the Sicilian female archeologist of La ladra di ricordi [The Memory Thief], Il terzo relitto [The Third Wreckage], Il peso dell’oro [The Weight of Gold]. And an historical thriller Il libro dei sette sigilli [The Book of the Seven Seals].

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