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Better. Ossessione

(Better. Obsession)

Magazzini Salani, October 2023, pp.480

over 77,000 copies sold!

#1 Overall Bestseller List!

The final chapter of the spicy romance trilogy.

The flawed love story between Vanessa and Thomas has reached the final stop: rows and reconciliations, betrayal and lies have now divided them. But can something that is broken be mended?

When, after a time apart, Vanessa returns to Corvallis, she harbours a deep resentment towards the man who broke her heart. Meanwhile, Thomas has straightened himself out, but the anger they both feel triggers another war made up of clashes and provocations. The attraction that binds them still smoulders like fire under the ashes and needs only a spark to flare up again. However, Logan, a by now permanent presence at Vanessa’s side, stands between them. He is a good man, ready to take care of her and is everything Thomas cannot be. Or is he? Perhaps Thomas is right in always warning her against him. They try to piece their relationship back together bit by bit, facing many challenges until Vanessa and Thomas are certain that their love is going to last and that, despite their difficulties and flaws, they cannot live without each other.

Magazzini Salani, October 2023, pp.480

Rights Sold

World English Rights: Sourcebooks;France: Hachette Livre; Poland: Marginesy/ Luna; Russia: AST Publishers; World Spanish Rights: Wonderbooks/Grupo Atico.

Carrie Leighton

Carrie Leighton is an avid reader of romance fiction, she debuted on the Wattpad platform, gaining great popularity in a very large community. In her stories, she blends love, passion, secrets and powerful emotions with a touch of spice. When not writing, she enjoys watching TV series. Magazzini Salani has published her bestseller trilogy with over 300,000 copies sold: Better. Collisione (Collision, 2022), Better. Dannazione (Damnation, 2023and Better. Ossessione (Obsession, 2023).

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