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La crisi colpisce anche di sabato

(A Crisis Can Also Come On a Saturday)

Ponte alle Grazie, August 2021, pp.432

Full French version available

A sardonic and intense polyphonic novel in which three different characters have to face the remnants of past disappointments in a more-than-ever uncertain present. Three totally unconnected stories that unexpectedly converge.

A Saturday evening. In Rome, from the window of the family apartment, Adriano, a pensioner, watches the setting summer sun and the sunset of his own life, which he spent amid the ideals of a failed revolution, the vague promises of comfort and a marriage that left in its wake nothing but regret. In Milan, Gioia, the CEO of a multinational company and a neglected wife and mother, takes advantage of a moment of solitude to catch up with a backlog of work. Vodka and the recollection of lost loves keep her company, but the past is ready to show itself again. Meanwhile, in Ferrara, a group of young people on the threshold of adulthood go out for a pizza after a trip to the cinema. Hopes and disappointments, couples and singles: everything seems already decided. Three cities and three social conditions united by a common thread, a moral, material, individual and collective crisis that might be eternal and without solution. But, from that Saturday evening, nobody’s life will be the same again.

Ponte alle Grazie, August 2021, pp.432

  • “In his second novel, Christophe Palomar gives us three very different snapshots of the same country, of the same Saturday, and of the same crisis.”


  • “A live broadcast of people who’ve lost the notion of future”.


  • “A powerful choral novel.”

    Cristina Bongiorno, IL PICCOLO

  • “With a confident tone and hyperbolic imagination, Palomar always describes the everyday routine of a still ongoing crisis (…) with lucid, uncompromising realism.”

    L’Osservatore Romano

  • “An extraordinary gallery of characters described in a tone and style worthy of great, Italian-style comedy.”

    La Sicilia

Christophe Palomar

Christophe Palomar was born in Alsace of an Italian father and a Spanish mother and grew up in Tunis. He studied at the HEC in Paris and the Bocconi University in Milan before embarking on a career in management. Since 2017, he has been dividing his time between company consultancy and literature. In 2020, his novel Frieda was published by Ponte alle Grazie to great acclaim.  La crisi colpisce anche di sabato is his second novel.

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