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Non superare le dosi consigliate

(Do not Exceed Recommended Intake)

Ugo Guanda Editore, January 2020, pp.256

A stark, powerful novel that tackles a subject nobody talks about: fat-shaming, obesity – from bullying, to self-harm, prejudice, perfectionism and acceptance. A book about addictions – food, love, pharmaceutical drugs – that undermines every stereotype.

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“‘It’s very easy,’ my mother says. ‘Just stick two fingers down your throat.’ She encourages me. She didn’t teach me how to put on make-up – she taught me how to vomit.”


There’s the weight you can’t lose, even after you’ve lost it all. Matilde knows that. She began putting on weight at the age of six and has been hungry all her life. By the age of sixteen, she weighs 80 kilos, by eighteen 48. Laxatives, diuretics and irrepressible attacks of vomiting. Until, following an abusive relationship, she exceeds 130 kilos. She is so obese that she cannot find shoes and bras that fit and cannot even manage to put on her tights. So obese that she is afraid of breaking chairs. And when she leaves home there is always someone looking at her with contempt, who absolutely wants to tell her she has a problem, tell her what to do and how. So Matilde shuts herself at home for three years, has everything delivered and pretends she’s normal on social media. But what does normal mean?




Ugo Guanda Editore, January 2020, pp.256

  • “A vertiginous, mesmerising journey into pain, madness and perfectionism: unmissable”.


  • “A wonderful, great, heartbreaking novel.”

    Teresa Ciabatti, Corriere della Sera

  • “It’s a story of tremendous power.”

    Loredana Lipperini

  • “Costanza Rizzacasa d”Orsogna reveals bodies that do not want to see each other, without false modesty and with the powerful voice of a writer.”

    Silvia Ballestra, ttl – La Stampa

  • “I read Costanza Rizzacasa d’Orsogna and seem to find the words for all she’d done to me and it truly hurts.”

    Chiara Gamberale

Costanza Rizzacasa d'Orsogna

Costanza Rizzacasa D’Orsogna, a journalist and essayist, graduated in Creative Writing from Columbia University in New York. She writes for the Corriere della Sera. With Guanda, she published her first novel Non superare le dosi consigliate (Do not Exceed Recommended Intake)  in 2020. Storia di Milo, il gatto che non sapeva saltare (Milo’s Story: The Cat Who Couldn’t Jump, 2018), her first book starring the disabled little cat, was also published by Guanda in 2018. Foreign rights have been sold to Thailand (Reading Italy Part.) and South Korea (Hanulim Kids Co.).

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