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Stradario aggiornato di tutti i miei baci

(Updated Streetamp of All My Kisses)

Ponte alle Grazie, May 2021, pp.696

Daniela Ranieri, is among the 12 authors longlisted for the Premio Strega 2022 with her novel Stradario aggiornato di tutti i miei baci, Ponte alle Grazie.

shortlisted for the Premio Campiello 

All forms of love.

A woman in constant dialogue with herself and the world draws a map of her obsessions, and of her relationship with love and her body – a reservoir of hypochondria and neuroses.

Daniela Ranieri’s new novel is a self-aware, hyper-realistic diary where every detail, every throb of her inner life is handled both as a scientific datum and as a wound of the soul. From the Covid-19 pandemic to everyday life in Rome, everything becomes part of a humorous, turbulent narrative, especially relationships: the many facets of Eros – meeting, flirtation, pleasure, mismatched cohabitation, violence, idealisation, dependency and pure love – are turned inside out in the author’s unique style, a blend of suffering, resentment and humour kneaded with great European literature (and not only that). Perhaps the true protagonist of Stradario aggiornato di tutti i miei baci is actually Daniela Ranieri’s language, a language rich in echoes of Gadda, of Thomas Bernhard-style annoyance, quotations, and at the same time one that’s eerily direct and unprecedented; a language whose ability to name and get close to things is equal only to its power to destroy them. Daniela Ranieri’s Stradario is not just a novel: it has the substance of a living body that inhabits the world, of a voice that captivates and persuades with the power of great literature.

Ponte alle Grazie, May 2021, pp.696

  • “Gently disenchanted, fiercely tender. Her characters are tragic, epic, comical and fragile, like us all. No one in Italy writes like  Daniela Ranieri.”

    Maurizio Crocetti

  • “Powerful, maze-like, stony (one of those stones we call gems) is how Daniele Ranieri’s writing is: a blend of Gadda’s engineering, Bufalino’s baroque, Kafka’s scalpel, Nietzsche’s hammer and the silent honesty of Marcus Aurelius.”

    Vito Mancuso

Daniela Ranieri

Daniela Ranieri first studied cultural anthropology then obtained a PhD in Social Theory and Research. She is the author of  Tutto cospira a tacere di noi (2012), AristoDem. Discorso sui nuovi radical chic (2013), Mille esempi di cani smarriti (2015) and Stradario aggiornato dei mie baci (2021), all published by Ponte alle Grazie. She is also a journalist, and writes about politics and culture for Fatto Quotidiano.

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