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Eppure cadiamo felici

(And Yet We Fall Happy)

Garzanti, April 2017, pp.384

Over 100,000 copies sold, 15 editions

A young literature teacher makes his debut with a novel that voices the feelings and issues of Millennials. The story of a budding love and a mystery that has to be solved.

Bestseller List – English Sample and Synopsis Available

Gioia is seventeen and does not fit in with her peers; she does not follow fashion and tends to hide herself under baggy clothes. She is not interested in parties, but she does have one passion, albeit an odd one, that makes her happy: she collects untranslatable words in languages from all over the world. Gioia’s solitude is interrupted by a sudden encounter with a boy who goes by the name of Lo. For the first time Gioia feels that someone is able to understand her world. They meet more and more often and their friendship slowly develops into love. But Lo disappears one day, and Gioia has no idea where to look for him. She has no idea that Lo is hiding a secret. A secret that only she can discover. She is the only one who can decipher the clues he has left for her. As she follows the clues, Gioia will have to make a choice and learn that the verb to love has many different sides to it.

Garzanti, April 2017, pp.384

  • “The subtle humour and Gioia’s ability not to take herself seriously make this into a most compelling story.”


  • Enrico Galiano writes a love story but more importantly he describes passion and respect in the world of adolescents, where things are not always what they seem.”

    “IO Donna”, Corriere della Sera

  • Galiano’s book is addictive, moving, and one that shakes us to the core. One of those books that you will never regret reading or suggesting to others.

    Il Quotidiano

  • “The author knows how to speak to young people’s hearts.”


  • “Intelligent, philosophically lively YA on first love


  • “Compelling!”


  • “Enrico Galiano is the Italian John Green”

    NRC, the most quality daily in the Netherlands

Rights Sold

Rights sold: World Arabic Rights: Ebdaat Alamia; France: Univers Poche; Germany: Thiele Verlag; The Netherlands: Luitingh-Sijthoff; Poland: SQN; Russia: Clever Publishing.

Enrico Galiano

Enrico Galiano (1977) teaches in a school in the suburbs of north-eastern Italy. He has created a web series called Cose da Prof (Teacher’s Stuff), that has had more than ten million visitors on Facebook. In 2015 he was inserted in the list of the 100 best teachers in Italy. Eppure cadiamo felici was his first novel and became the n.1 Italian debut novel of 2017. Always with Garzanti he published his second novel, Tutta la vita che vuoi (All The Life You Want), about three teenagers in search of happiness amidst fears and hopes.

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