Young Adult

Tutta la vita che vuoi

(All The Life You Want)

Garzanti, April 2018, pp.416

2 editions

After And Yet We Fall Happy, the n.1 Italian debut novel of 2017, Enrico Galiano returns to give us an intense fresh outlook on the world of adolescents.
A world that he knows well, having to deal with them every day.
Three teenagers in search of happiness amidst fears and hopes. What if all we needed was a backpack full of reasons to live?

Bestseller List – English sample available

Filippo is running away from school having finally found the courage to stand up to his teacher who has been humiliating him for years. Outside, his best friend Giorgio is sitting in the car waiting for him; Giorgio has just been to his brother’s funeral and is wondering if it is normal that he hasn’t shed a tear. Then Clo runs up to them, having just stolen a mobile phone in the hope, perhaps, of calming the pain she feels inside. The three exchange a glance and immediately understand, recognise and choose each other. For all three of them, this is the moment they decide to change, to gather their courage and follow their dreams.
Clo knows exactly how to achieve this. Her backpack is full of notes on which she writes the reasons she has to be grateful for life. Now Filippo and Giorgio must also find the special reason to start truly living. Because you can only achieve happiness if you are not afraid to reach for it.

Garzanti, April 2018, pp.416

  • “Enrico Galiano describes passion and respect in the world of adolescents, where things are not always
    what they seem.”

    Io Donna/Corriere della Sera

  • “The author knows how to speak to young people’s hearts.”


Rights Sold

Germany: Thiele Verlag; The Netherlands: Luitingh-Sijthoff; Poland: SQ. Arabic rights: Ebdaat Alamia

Enrico Galiano

Enrico Galiano (1977) teaches in a school in the suburbs of north-eastern Italy. He has created a web series called Cose da Prof (Teacher’s Stuff), that has had more than ten million visitors on Facebook. In 2015 he was inserted in the list of the 100 best teachers in Italy. Eppure cadiamo felici was his first novel and became the n.1 Italian debut novel of 2017. Always with Garzanti he published his second novel, Tutta la vita che vuoi (All The Life You Want), about three teenagers in search of happiness amidst fears and hopes.

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