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Magazzini Salani, May 2023, pp.528

English synopsis available

170,000 copies sold!

Alone and penniless, Mireya moves to cold Philadelphia, no longer believing in miracles. However, she changes her mind when she steps into the quirky, lavish Milagro Club, where she becomes bound to the detestable, charming Andras, head of security, by a golden thread stronger than fate itself.

Quirky and lavish, the Milagro Club is a place that can bewitch anyone who walks into it, including Mireya. Obstinate like someone with nothing to lose, the young woman gets herself hired as a bartender. The Milagro, however, is more than an exclusive nightclub. Behind its closed doors, beyond the sequins and stage lights, destinies and secrets are intertwined. The darkest ones are all gathered in the rugged, charming face of Andras, the head of security. Between Mireya and Andras, it’s hatred at first sight. Both carry on their skins the same marks, the brand of those who have had to learn to fight in order to survive. And yet they keep bumping into each other, as though attracted by a mysterious force they neither know nor are able to oppose, bound by a golden thread that is stronger than destiny.

Magazzini Salani, May 2023, pp.528

Rights Sold

Russia: Eksmo;

Option Publishers: Albania: Dituria; Brazil: Harper Collins Brazil; Croatia: Lumen/Školska knjiga; Czech Rep: Omega; Denmark: Gronningen; World English Rights: Michael Joseph/PRH (UK); Dell/PRH (US);France: Hachette Romans; Germany: Fischer Verlag; Greece: Psichogios; Holland: A.W. Bruna; Hungary: Kolibri; Korea: Noonkoip Publishing; North Macedonia: TRI Publishing; Poland: Znak; Portugal: Planeta; Romania: Litera; Serbia: Čarobna knjiga; Slovakia: Grada Slovakia; Slovenia: Založba Vida; World Spanish:Montena/Penguin Random House; Turkey: Eksik Parca.

Erin Doom

Erin Doom is the pen name of the currently most widely read and best-loved author, the most resounding literary success of the past few years. Magazzini Salani published her Fabbricante di lacrime (The Tearsmith aka Maker of Tears, 2021), the 2022 bestselling title in Italy with over 650,000 copies sold, translated in 36 countries, and a movie available on Netflix on 4th April, Nel modo in cui cade la neve (The Way the Snow Falls, 2022), with over 230,000 copies sold and Stigma (2023) with 170,000 copies sold.

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