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Ci vediamo un giorno di questi

(See You One of These Days)

Garzanti, September 2017, pp.312

Bestseller List

150,000 copies sold

English sample available

Love, pain and the thousands of facets of the human soul. A novel with a style that is both light and profound, which tells the story of the strongest and most varied, the most fragile yet most enduring kind of friendship: the one between women.

Sometimes all it takes to start a lifelong friendship is a shared biscuit in the school playground. This is what happened to Caterina and Ludovica, who have been like sisters ever since, although they could not be more different. Caterina is a fearless volcano of energy. Ludovica, on the other hand, leads a life in which there’s no place for risk. Year after year, while Caterina drags her to parties, Ludovica tries to introduce a little responsibility into her friend’s chaotic life. It is a balance that has remained unaltered since they were kids, through their adolescence into adulthood. When Caterina becomes pregnant they even raise the child together. For Ludovica this is the child she never had out of fear of being hurt, of really falling in love, of breaking the wall of certainties behind which she has always shielded herself. Yet there can be no wall high enough to protect us from life, which at times makes us stronger, and at others suddenly overwhelms us. After a lifetime spent surprising her friend, Caterina is now the one who needs Ludovica to do something unexpected and a little bit crazy.

Garzanti, September 2017, pp.312

  • “Federica Bosco (…) scatters a series of coup de theatre and a little bit of healthy irresponsibility in this lovely novel that deals with female friendships.” 


  • “Federica Bosco is the author of about twenty successful books. In this one she changes genre and does so with moving elegance and the use of delicate and mature language.” 

    ttl - La Stampa

Rights Sold

Albania: Dritan; Germany: Penguin Verlag; Latvia: Zvaigzne ABC; Serbia: Laguna.

Federica Bosco

Federica Bosco, bestselling author (over 1 million of copies sold) and screenwriter, has a vast list of novels and self-help books to her name. She was a finalist for the Bancarella prize in 2012, and her novel, Pazze di me was made into a film directed by Fausto Brizzi. Garzanti published her Ci vediamo un giorno di questi (See You One of These Days, 2017), Il nostro momento imperfetto (Our Imperfect Moment, 2018), Non perdiamoci di vista (Let’s not Lose Touch, 2019) Non dimenticarlo mai (Don’t Ever Forget, 2021) and Volevamo prendere il cielo (2023). With Vallardi she wrote the memoirs Mi dicevano che ero troppo sensibile (I Was Told I Was Too Sensitive, 2018) and Dopo Narciso la primavera (After Narcissus Comes the Spring, 2022).

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