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Non perdiamoci di vista

(Let's not Lose Touch)

Garzanti, October 2019, pp.304

A bittersweet, nostalgic novel that visits all the generations in order to meditate on the meaning of friendship at any age and the importance of taking risks – always.

An intense, poignant story about the best years of our lives.

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Benedetta is spending yet another New Year’s Eve with her old friends, the same ones who, back in the Eighties, would spend their afternoons sitting on their mopeds, smoking and gossiping and who are now forty-somethings tackling divorce, unpalatable kids, botox and the Peter Pan syndrome. What they all have in common after thirty years is waiting for an opportunity, a new possibility, a meeting or something around the corner. In Benedetta’s case, this is a delayed text message, which could mean picking up the strands of a love that time has not severed, which might have been true love and is now quickening the beat of her heart again. Until the unexpected happens and life comes up with a surprise – although not always the way one expects. So it is now a matter of finding the courage to abandon the lifeboat and starting to swim in the sea of maturity. True maturity.

Garzanti, October 2019, pp.304

Federica Bosco

Federica Bosco, bestselling author and screenwriter, has a vast list of novels and self-help books to her name. She was a finalist for the Bancarella prize in 2012, and her novel, Pazze di me was made into a film directed by Fausto Brizzi. Garzanti published her Ci vediamo un giorno di questi (2017), Il nostro momento imperfetto (2018) and Non perdiamoci di vista (2019).

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