Literary Fiction

Camere e stanze

(Rooms and Bedrooms)

Ponte alle Grazie, October 2021, pp.480

A collection of 21 stories in which Francesco Pecoraro exhibits with his extraordinary prose a gallery of characters – emblems of the human condition and of the profound changes in the contemporary world – who are analysed almost clinically, but not without aching, deep compassion.

In a dystopian future dominated by Samsung and where the only human interaction allowed is at a Global Table, there live characters as imaginative as they are emblematic of the casting adrift of humankind: like Sandro and Clara, who no longer know how to talk to each other; like Fregni and the unwitting violence of adolescence. There are also artists trying to bring together art and life, uprooted creatures and failed attempts at communication. The setting is the imaginary City of the Sea, the City of God, abandoned furnaces, districts and workplaces as a social mosaic. The themes are the violence of the class war, the struggle for life and the perennial battle of everyone against everyone.

Ponte alle Grazie, October 2021, pp.480

  • “Through his compelling writing, he captures in the filigree of an individual’s obsessions the historical trauma of this ‘tangle’ we call Italy.”

    Andrea Cortellessa, ttL/La Stampa

  • “Pecoraro’s exploit is to have set his vision of the human condition in the perfectly-captured history of Italy in the post-war period.”

    Daniele Giglioli, La Lettura/Corriere della Sera

  • “Pecoraro has a vision of the world and intends to include it in all his books: there aren’t many Italian novelists about whom you can say this.” 

    Guido Mazzoni, Le parole e le cose

Rights Sold

Option Publisher: Editorial Periférica (World Spanish rights).

Francesco Pecoraro

Francesco Pecoraro (1945) was born in Rome, where he still lives. He has published a collection of short stories and a poetry collection. Ponte alle Grazie published his first novel, La vita in tempo di pace (Life in Peacetime, 2013), a resounding success that sold 30,000 copies, third runner-up in the Strega Prize, winner of the Viareggio Prize, the Mondello Prize, and finalist for the Volponi Prize. Foreign rights sold to Seagull Books (world English rights), Lattes (France), Wereldbibliotheek (Holland), Editorial Periférica (world Spanish rights), Epsilon (Turkey). In 2019 he wrote Lo stradone (The Road): foreign rights sold to Editorial Periférica (world Spanish rights).

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