I cani del barrio

(The Dogs of the District)

Ugo Guanda Editore, March 2022, pp.400

Inspector Ferraro, the police officer with no redeeming features from the outskirts of Milan, returns with two more cases to solve: the foiled execution of a well-known entrepreneur and the disappearance of a young South American man – all while a deadly virus is raging through China. And even if it seems like something a long way away, it isn’t.

In a wood outside the city, a passing hunter witnesses what is clearly a man’s execution. He somehow manages to scare off the criminals and calls the police. The man who was nearly killed is a big wig, an “ethical” entrepreneur, courted by politicians, who has built his fortune on fighting the mafia and organised crime. Who wanted him dead? The problem is that he doesn’t know. Or perhaps he just won’t tell. With his usual lethargy, Ferraro once again finds himself investigating a case that doesn’t interest him, forced by his boss, Augusto Lanza. On the other hand, there is another investigation that excites him: a woman of South American origin has reported her fifteen-year-old son missing. Links to Latino gangs – people who go around armed with machetes, marking their territories – are suspected. Ferraro therefore leads a double investigation, as usual helped by his colleagues (old and new) and by suggestions from his daughter Giulia, his guide in the disillusioned world of this generation of young people.

Ugo Guanda Editore, March 2022, pp.400

Gianni Biondillo

Gianni Biondillo (Milan, 1966) is an architect and a writer. He writes for film and television and publishes regular pieces in Italian newspapers and magazines. He has edited anthologies of short stories and essays on various subjects, and became successful with the novels featuring Inspector Ferraro, all published by Guanda, a series that has sold more than 350,000 copies. PER COSA SI UCCIDE (Why We Kill) 2004 sold to Spain (Tropismos) and France (Joelle Losfeld/Gallimard), CON LA MORTE NEL CUORE (Sick at Heart) 2005 sold to France (Joelle Losfeld/Gallimard) and Germany (Goldmann/Random House), IL GIOVANE SBIRRO (The Young Cop) 2007, I MATERIALI DEL KILLER (A Killer’s Materials) 2011 sold to France (Metailié) and Czech Rep. (Panteon), Winner of the Scerbanenco Prize and Prix Violeta Negra, CRONACA DI UN SUICIDIO (Chronicle of a Suicide) 2013, L’INCANTO DELLE SIRENE (The Sirens’ Spell) 2015 sold to France (Metailié).

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