Il sapore del sangue

(The Taste of Blood)

Ugo Guanda Editore, November 2018, pp.320

A new investigation by Inspector Ferraro, the lazy, “crumpled” cop with nothing to recommend him, who comes from the outskirts of Milan.

After six years in jail, Sasà, a man with a record of drug dealing, brutal murders, violence and blackmail, walks out through the gate, finally able to head home a free man. His plan now is to retrieve the money he concealed prior to his arrest, take his wife and daughter and disappear into thin air as soon as possible. Given his criminal record, Sasà was destined for a sentence of thirty years at least, so how come he’s out already? It is something Inspector Ferraro has to investigate, unwillingly as usual, in a race against time, as desperate as it is unwanted. Before Sasà is once again drawn to the taste of blood. Something he has never been able to resist.

Ugo Guanda Editore, November 2018, pp.320

  • “An impressive, surprising, sharp writer, and of great literary enjoyment”

    La Repubblica

  • “Serious and cheerful, harsh and light, ruthless and sweet. Smart and smart…”

    Corriere della Sera

  • “Sophisticated, ironic and even surprising”


  • “A classy writer. A sense of humour that’s poetical, dreamy and irresistible. Unmissable.”

    Giancarlo De Cataldo, author of the bestselling novel, Romanzo Criminale

  • “Biondillo is a storyteller who is forever going up and down the levels of genre literature, blending it with classics: he keeps an eye on Gadda and does not scorn Scerbanenco”

    Marco Belpoliti, L’Espresso

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Gianni Biondillo

Gianni Biondillo (Milan, 1966) is an architect and a writer. He writes for film and television and publishes regular pieces in Italian newspapers and magazines. He has edited anthologies of short stories and essays on various subjects, and became successful with the novels featuring Inspector Ferraro, all published by Guanda, a series that has sold more than 350,000 copies. PER COSA SI UCCIDE (Why We Kill) 2004 sold to Spain (Tropismos) and France (Joelle Losfeld/Gallimard), CON LA MORTE NEL CUORE (Sick at Heart) 2005 sold to France (Joelle Losfeld/Gallimard) and Germany (Goldmann/Random House), IL GIOVANE SBIRRO (The Young Cop) 2007, I MATERIALI DEL KILLER (A Killer’s Materials) 2011 sold to France (Metailié) and Czech Rep. (Panteon), Winner of the Scerbanenco Prize and Prix Violeta Negra, CRONACA DI UN SUICIDIO (Chronicle of a Suicide) 2013, L’INCANTO DELLE SIRENE (The Sirens’ Spell) 2015 sold to France (Metailié).

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