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L'incanto delle sirene

(The Sirens’ Spell)

TEA - Tascabili degli Editori Associati, September 2015, pp.332

3 editions

An inquest into the sparkly and dangerous world of fashion: Inspector Ferraro reluctantly takes on a new investigation.

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After the summer holidays, the city of Milan goes back to work, more nervous than in the past. Inspector Ferraro has also gone back to work, his body and soul both broken by years of work. Forty years old, divorced, having to face an empty fridge every day, a degree that has been shelved away, and a typical sense of loneliness. He would happily desist if he could, but somehow he always ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact, Ferraro should have taken his holiday during Fashion Week when the city seems to literally go mad. This time is worse however, after the sensational murder of a top model during one of the most awaited fashion shows and its consequent intense media coverage: the assassin must be found. There is another world however, surrounding the inspector and the bleak world which he works in, which is struggling to survive. There is Mimmo and his ambiguous relationship with the new underworld in the area; there is the clochard, Baffo, who dreams of going back to his native city, because he feels his life is coming to an end; there is Aisha, a young girl fleeing a war on the other side of the Mediterranean. And then there is Biondillo’s writing, which laughs, cries and is moved together with its characters.

TEA - Tascabili degli Editori Associati, September 2015, pp.332

  • “An impressive, surprising, sharp writer, and of great literary enjoyment!!”

    La Repubblica

  • “Serious and cheerful, harsh and light, ruthless and sweet. Smart. Very smart…”

    Corriere della Sera

  • “Sophisticated, ironic and even surprising”


  • “It is reductive to label the books by the great Gianni Biondillo as “crime books”

    Valeria Parrella, Grazia

Rights Sold

France: Métailié

Gianni Biondillo

Gianni Biondillo (Milan, 1966) is an architect and a writer. He writes for film and television and publishes regular pieces in Italian newspapers and magazines. He has edited anthologies of short stories and essays on various subjects, and became successful with the novels featuring Inspector Ferraro, all published by Guanda, a series that has sold more than 350,000 copies. PER COSA SI UCCIDE (Why We Kill) 2004 sold to Spain (Tropismos) and France (Joelle Losfeld/Gallimard), CON LA MORTE NEL CUORE (Sick at Heart) 2005 sold to France (Joelle Losfeld/Gallimard) and Germany (Goldmann/Random House), IL GIOVANE SBIRRO (The Young Cop) 2007, I MATERIALI DEL KILLER (A Killer’s Materials) 2011 sold to France (Metailié) and Czech Rep. (Panteon), Winner of the Scerbanenco Prize and Prix Violeta Negra, CRONACA DI UN SUICIDIO (Chronicle of a Suicide) 2013, L’INCANTO DELLE SIRENE (The Sirens’ Spell) 2015 sold to France (Metailié).

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