Figlia della cenere

(The Daughter of Ashes)

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., June 2021, pp.368


75.000 copies sold in 3 months

The new, eagerly-awaited novel by a writer who, thanks to her both atmospheric and eerie settings, as well as a protagonist as imperfect as she is unforgettable, has conquered the hearts of over 350,000 readers.

Once again, Teresa Battaglia has to face a past marked by death – her own past, this time.


Chief Inspector Teresa Battaglia has been wondering about this for months but the moment has now come to tackle the most difficult question of her life and find an answer. Is her career really nearing its end because of her illness? What will happen to her? However, as is so often the case, the end represents a return to the beginning. When ghosts that have never truly been laid to rest emerge from the past, when an old voice of death comes to haunt her again, Teresa realises that she owes herself and to those around her a final act. The moment of reckoning is here.

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., June 2021, pp.368

  • “Ilaria Tuti shows her stature as a storyteller who carves sculptures out of the powerful traits of the human spirit. Her prose is dense and deep”.

    Annachiara Sacchi, Corriere della Sera

  • “An investigation where all the elements slot together perfectly, with surprise and tension on every page”.

    Arianna Boria, Il Piccolo

Rights Sold

Czech Rep: Argo; France: Laffont; World English Rights: Soho Press; World Spanish Rights: Alfaguara (Castilian); Sweden: Bazar/Strawberry.

OPTION PUBLISHERS: Albania: Botimet Living;  Germany: Penguin Verlag; Greece: Psichogios; Hungary: Alexandra Kiado; Israel: Modan/Keter Books; Macedonia: Matica Makedonska; Norway: Cappelen Damm; Poland: Sonia Draga; Portugal: TopSeller; Russia: Ast; Serbia: Vulkan; Slovenia: Ucila; World Spanish Rights: Rosa dels Vents (Catalan); Turkey: Timas.

Rights for a TV series sold.

Ilaria Tuti

Ilaria Tuti lives in Friuli, in far north-eastern Italy. Her novels, featuring Chief Inspector Teresa Battaglia, Fiori sopra l’inferno (Flowers Over the Inferno, 2018), Ninfa dormiente (Painted in Blood (UK), The Sleeping Nymph (USA), 2019) and Luce della notte (Night Glow, 2020) have enjoyed great success in Italy – selling over 600,000 copies to date – and been published in translation in 27 countries. llaria Tuti is also the author of the bestselling historical novel, Fiore di roccia (Flower of the Rocks, 2020). In 2021, she was the first ever writer to have been shortlisted for the prestigious Edgar Allan Poe Award, with Painted in Blood/The Sleeping Nymph.

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