Luce della notte

(Night Glow)

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., January 2021, pp.256

#6 Top Ten Chart!

A short novel about rebirth and hope situated, in terms of plot, between Fiori sopra l’inferno and Ninfa dormiente. With extraordinary sensitivity, Ilaria Tuti has given to Luce della notte the story of Chiara, a special child who, on her arduous journey, meets the much-loved Teresa Battaglia, who is ready to help her.

Chiara had a dream and got very scared. Sing and count, she told herself in the dream, only the darkness wouldn’t go away. So Chiara let herself be guided through the woods by the invisible light of the night. Only she was very upset by what she found while digging at the roots of the tree. Maybe because it wasn’t really a dream. Perhaps it was the frightening reality. It’s just a few days before Christmas, the day Chiara is going to turn nine. Or rather the night the little girl will turn nine, because it’s been a long time since she has seen daylight.

A big heart is needed to help her little heart to stop trembling. This is why, just a few days after closing a gruelling and dangerous case, as well as discovering something she will have to keep to herself, Teresa Battaglia has no hesitation in getting involved. Perhaps this is because, in spite of everything, there’s still the heart of a child beating inside her. Just as it’s throbbing, in spite of himself, in the young Inspector Marini, since, for all his doubts and incomprehension, he decides to join Inspector Battaglia in what seems like a mad, senseless enquiry. That’s right – how can one even consider investigating a dream? Teresa knows – feels – however, that this frail, frightened and very brave little girl has stumbled on something real, genuine… and dreadful.

The rights for Luce della notte will be transferred to the Oncological Referral Centre in Aviano, for research on Ewing sarcoma.

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., January 2021, pp.256

Ilaria Tuti

Ilaria Tuti lives in Friuli, in far north-eastern Italy. As a child she wanted to be a photographer but studied economics instead. She loves the sea yet lives in the mountains. She is passionate about painting and, in her spare time, has been an illustrator for a small publishing company.  Ilaria has never been very chatty, even as a child, which is perhaps why she started to write. Her debut novels, featuring Inspector Teresa Battaglia, Fiori sopra l’inferno (Flowers Over the Inferno, 2018) and Ninfa dormiente (Painted in Blood (UK), The Sleeping Nymph (USA)] (2019), both published by Longanesi, have enjoyed great success in Italy – selling over 200,000 copies to date – and been published in translation in 27 countries.

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