Madre d'ossa

(Bone Mother)

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., June 2023, pp.368

Teresa Battaglia appears to have at last lost her biggest challenge: the one against her illness, when she is found in the mountains, confused, with the mutilated body of a young man.

Has Inspector Teresa Battaglia really lost her biggest challenge? The one against her memory, her body and the disease that clouds her mind? So it would appear. Massimo Marini thinks so, too: after receiving an anonymous phone call, he rushes to a forest in the middle of the mountains, where a heinous crime may have been committed. There, he finds Teresa, confused and covered in the blood of a young man’s mutilated body in her arms. Who is he? And why is Teresa there? Massimo has no answers, only suspicions. His only certainty is that a crime scene is the last place where Teresa should be, because she has irreparably compromised and contaminated the evidence. But perhaps that’s not how things really stand…

Casa Editrice Longanesi&C., June 2023, pp.368

  • “With Teresa Battaglia, Ilaria Tuti offers the best gift any author can give to his or her readers: someone they will come to care for.”

    Donato Carrisi, International bestselling Italian author

  • This is the key to Teresa’s resilience: hers is not so much the story of a defeat as of her ability to face it with her head high, with dignity, without self-pity, thanks to empathy.”

    Raffaella Silipo, La Stampa

  • “From its very title, ‘Madre d’ossa’ becomes a journey to the origins of human existence (…). Through her sensory, pictorial writing, Ilaria Tuti once again takes us by the hand and leads us through the shadows that are our substance, that same “stuff that dreams are made of” in Shakespeare. And the stuff of nightmares.”

    Raffaella Silipo, TTL, La Stampa

Rights Sold

Czech Rep: Argo.

Option Publishers: Albania: Botimet Living; Denmark: Modtryk; World English Rights: Soho Press; France: Laffont; Germany: Penguin Verlag; Hungary: Alexandra Kiado; Israel: Modan/Keter Books; Macedonia: Matica Makedonska; Norway: Cappelen Damm; Poland: Sonia Draga; Portugal: TopSeller; Russia: Ast; Serbia: Vulkan; Slovenia: Ucila; Sweden: Bazar/Strawberry;  World Spanish Rights: Alfaguara (Castilian), Rosa dels Vents (Catalan); Turkey: Timas.

Rights for a TV series sold.

Ilaria Tuti

Ilaria Tuti lives in Friuli, in far north-eastern Italy. Her novels, featuring Chief Inspector Teresa Battaglia, Fiori sopra l’inferno (Flowers Over the Inferno, 2018), Ninfa dormiente (Painted in Blood (UK), The Sleeping Nymph (USA), 2019), Luce della notte (Night Glow, 2020), Figlia della cenere (The Daughter of the Ashes, 2021) and Madre d’ossa (Bone Mother, 2023) have enjoyed great success in Italy – selling over 900,000 copies to date – and been published in translation in 27 countries. Flowers Over the Inferno has inspired the series of the same title, currently being broadcast on the Italian TV channel RAI 1. In 2021, she was the first ever writer to have been shortlisted for the prestigious Edgar Allan Poe Award, with Painted in Blood/The Sleeping Nymph. llaria Tuti is also the author of the bestselling historical novels, Fiore di roccia (Flower of the Rocks, 2020) and Come vento cucito alla terra (Like Wind Sewn to the Soil, 2022).

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