Non tutto è perduto

(All is not lost)

Ugo Guanda Editore, pp.456

Marco Vichi, an author who has sold over 1 million copies in Italy alone, brings back the newly-retired Chief Inspector Bordelli with a gripping new chapter of his successful series.

Chief Inspector Bordelli is retired. But melancholy makes him think of the past and about his first case: it was 1947 and he was investigating the murder of a young man stabbed to death, the son of a Fascist industrialist. At the time, he had got nowhere and then been ordered to drop the case, but now he wants to try solving it, albeit unofficially… Meanwhile, he receives a phone call from a friend who, twenty years earlier, after telling him about a complex and painful family matter, had disappeared and now invites him for dinner. While waiting to see him, Bordelli reminisces about that story, which began in the 1920s. Only the past hasn’t yet stopped knocking on Bordelli’s door: by chance, he meets a woman whom he (then known as “the Raven”) saved from injustice on the part of a Fascist…

Ugo Guanda Editore, pp.456

Marco Vichi

Marco Vichi was born in Florence in 1957 and currently lives in the Chianti region. He is one of the most successful Italian crime novelists and has been shortlisted as one of the best Italian authors of the decade by the national newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Vichi has many novels to his credit, all published by Guanda: L’inquilino (The Lodger, 1999), Donne donne (Women Women, 2000, new edition 2008), Il brigante (The Bandit, 2006), Nero di luna (Moon Black, 2007), Un tipo tranquillo (A Peaceful Guy, 2010), La vendetta (Revenge, 2012), Il contratto (The Contract, 2012), La sfida (The Dare, 2014), Il console (The Consul, 2015) and Per nessun motivo (For no Reason Whatsoever). In 2002, Vichi started writing the popular series featuring Inspector Bordelli.

In the series devoted to Inspector Bordelli, the following titles have been published, all by Guanda: Il commissario BordelliUna brutta faccendaIl nuovo venutoMorte a Firenze (Premio Giorgio Scerbanenco – La Stampa 2009 for the best Italian noir), La forza del destinoFantasmi del passatoNel più bel sogno and L’anno dei misteri.

He is the editor of two collections of short stories, two graphic novels and has also written screenplays, music lyrics and radio scripts. He supports and works with several humanitarian projects.

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