Un caso maledetto

(A Cursed Case)

Ugo Guanda Editore, November 2020, pp.384

The novels featuring Inspector Bordelli have sold over 300,000 copies !

Cynical, surly and disenchanted: chief inspector Bordelli investigates during the worrisome and revolutionary atmosphere of the sixties, a time so far away yet so similar to our own.

January 1970. In April, Chief Inspector Bordelli is retiring after almost a quarter of a century in the police, and he still doesn’t know what to expect, unable to picture how he is going to react to this complete change. Meanwhile, however, he’s on duty and there’s no time to think or ask himself too many questions: there’s been a brutal murder in a street in central Florence. Will this heinous crime be his last case? Above all, will he be able to solve it? Bordelli and young Piras, who, meanwhile, has become inspector, work closely, driven, as ever, by their sense of justice, and, on this occasion, also by the unbearable futility of the murder. The months go by, spring arrives and the date of retirement approaches. Bordelli’s relationship with the beautiful Eleonora seems to go from strength to strength. And, of course, there is the dinner at Franco Bordelli’s home, where, as usual, everyone tells a story. But one morning the chief inspector receives a phone call from police headquarters… another murder?

Ugo Guanda Editore, November 2020, pp.384

  • “Solitary, cranky and a creature of habit, Chief Inspector Bordelli has captured the heart of his readers – and doesn’t appear to want to let go of it.”

    Ranieri Polese, Corriere della Sera

Marco Vichi

Marco Vichi was born in Florence in 1957 and currently lives in the Chianti region. He is one of the most successful Italian crime novelists and has been shortlisted as one of the best Italian authors of the decade by the national newspaper Corriere della Sera. In 2002, Vichi started writing the popular series featuring Inspector Bordelli and has many novels to his credit, all published by Guanda. He is the editor of two collections of short stories and has also written screenplays, music lyrics and radio scripts. He supports and collaborates with several humanitarian projects. His works have been widely translated abroad.

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