Dama Blanca

(The Vanishing Girl)

Duomo Ediciones, September 2023, pp.356

English sample available

After the international successes of Juan Gómez Jurado and Javier Castillo, the new voice of the Spanish thriller is Marta Martín Girón, with the first case of Yago Reyes, a stubborn and somewhat blunt Detective, who has just arrived at his new destination from Madrid.

Grappling with an original setting, the rice fields of a small town in the province of Valencia, and a stubborn new colleague, Aines Collado, Yago Reyes faces the most difficult case of his career: an horrific crime with sexual hints that will reach deep on both.

What is inside the mind of a murderer? What crosses the victim’s mind once in the killer’s hands? Detective Yago Reyes will put all his intuition to work, although not without difficulties. This poor devil who is trying to get through the rough has just been assigned to a new station and his new partner seems to want nothing to do with him. To make matters worse, he is faced with one of the worst cases he has ever seen as a homicide detective, one that will deeply mark his life. A young woman, barely fifteen years old, is found dead and half-naked in the rice fields of the small town of Cullera. Who would wish her dead? Is this case related to other disappearances? Is it a serial killer? The macabre clues that spatter the detective’s path say so. Reyes will immerse himself in a race against the clock to catch the culprit. With each step taken, however, suspicions seem to indicate that someone close to the girl may be responsible for her death.

Duomo Ediciones, September 2023, pp.356

  • Dama Blanca, by Marta Martín Girón, has managed to earn a well-deserved place among the most sought-after authors in the noir genre.”


    El Mundo

  • “Masterfully tackles the psychology of the killer and the victim, peppered with fast-paced action from the first page to the last.”

    RNE (Radio Nacional de España)

Marta Martín Girón

Marta Martín Girón was born in Madrid and currently resides in La Sènia, a village near the Natural Park of Delta del Ebro. She has sold more than 100,000 copies with the self-published cases of Detective Yago Reyes, which now finally arrives in paperback.

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