New Adult

Liberi come la neve

(Free Like the Snow)

Garzanti, January 2023, pp.450

Top Ten Overall Bestseller List

A coming-of-age romantic novel about two young people, Nive and Hurst, with a painful past; they share fears, passions, traumas and dreams.

A love made up of hope, threatened by dark secrets that lead Nive to a junction: freedom or love?

Since her parents died, Nive has not had a place she can call home. When her aunt Josephine also dies, the only person who volunteers to become her guardian is a distant uncle Nive doesn’t even know and who lives on the other side of the world, in Canada.

Moongrove is a small, cold town with a harsh climate and unwelcoming residents. First among them is Hurst Paytah, the future chief of a Native American tribe, who doesn’t tolerate strangers who do not respect his beloved woods and traditions.

Nive can’t wait to turn eighteen so that she can finally be free to leave, to go far away from the surly, arrogant Hurst, who is doing a good job of making her stay a living hell. However, the two young people discover that they are too much alike to hate each other: they share a painful past and the wish to find someone who will soothe their pain. What initially looked like hatred turns into love. But there are too many dark secrets of which Nive is unaware and her past is much darker than she realises. Will she decide to run away, free at last, or stay among the snowy woods?

Garzanti, January 2023, pp.450

Rita Nardi

Rita Nardi is a very young Italian writer who has been passionate about writing, reading and drawing since childhood. She made her debut on Wattpad under the name @pensieri_come_parole. Free Like the Snow is her first novel.

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