New Adult



Magazzini Salani, June 2023, pp.576

over 50.000 copies sold!

English synopsis and sample available

Four young people familiar with suffering.

An experiment to heal them.

A dark romance that addresses gently – and with an awareness of mental illness – self-harm, anorexia and PTSD, all important issues for Generation Z.

Sia Carillo is an intrusive, anticonformist young woman, and the bitter enemy of Derek Hill, a frosty prince with a dark secret that makes him wary and distant. The hatred between them has no limits, but conceals infinite attraction. Olivia Leed has lost her voice because of a ghost that prevents her from breathing, but Edgar Chen reminds her of the beauty in small things. Untidy, self-deprecating and far too clumsy, Edgar lives between panic attacks and bursts of anger that express remorse and feelings of guilt.

What these four young people have in common is a traumatic past that has left deep marks on their psyche. Brought together by an unorthodox woman doctor, they must cooperate in order to build a future in the world of journalism, working for a prestigious media company. Through a series of increasingly demanding challenges, their friendship is instrumental in the processing of their pain.

Magazzini Salani, June 2023, pp.576

Rights Sold

English and French Audiobook soon available with Audible.

Poland: Grupa Wydawnicza Foksal.

Option Publishers: Magazzini Salani Spain (world Spanish rights).


Rokia, has loved making up stories since she was a child. She started telling them on Wattpad, just for fun, under the pseudonym Clarine Jay, registering over 11 million views. With Magazzini Salani she has already published The Truth Untold (2022) which has been a bestseller with over 120,000 copies sold and Sindrome (Syndrome, 2023) with over 50,000 copies sold.

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